Working Mom Just Got 81 Minutes for Children

At the present time, not a few women who have become mothers continue to work to help the family finances. Working mothers were so often feel the dilemma, split time for children, families and their jobs.

A British study recently revealed that working mothers can apparently only took 1 hour 21 minutes or 81 minutes to take care of children and families. While mothers who stay at home, have a couple of more times. These women dedicate 2 hours 35 minutes of their time to feed, bathe and play with children.

The above research conducted by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD – Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development). The study also compares the performance of working mothers in the UK with 21 other industrialized nations.

From these studies note, working mothers in Ireland could take 150 minutes to take care of the child. While in Australia, 137 minutes. While working mothers in the United States, Canada, Italy, Sweden and Spain could spend more time with children than mothers to work in the UK.

If the mother works in the UK only have 80 minutes, the father turns out to be a little longer time for children, 63 minutes. As with children, fathers usually spend time helping the school matters like homework and play with them. While mothers spend 60% of their time to children with physical activities such as feeding, lull, dressing, giving medication and supervision.

Seeing the results of the above study, child and family psychologist Dr Sandra Wheatley expressing his opinion, “I think the task of being a parent is not just the numbers (how much time is spent.) Most importantly it children can get a chance to have fun with their parents.”

“If a working mom went home and spent 45 minutes to play before dinner and sleep, that’s enough,” he said. “The most important of their time is spent on activities for the kids,” he added.