Why Toddlers Love Bite When Angry?

Toddlers often bite when they are angry or upset. As a parent, you certainly want to stop this habit and wondered why children become like bite.

According to the child therapist Jennifer Kolari, for parents biting habit is certainly scary. But actually, it’s relatively normal habits.

“Not that the child will grow up to be people who have problems with behavior,” says Kolari are also the manufacturer’s website Connected Parenting.

Children who moved two years, usually it will start to bite if they feel emotions. Toddler biting when frustrated and do not know how to calm themselves.

“They will bite anyone that stood by, whether it’s his or her parents,” said Carolyn Humphery Child Psychologist.

What parents can do to deal with children who like to bite? The best way is to keep him away from the people he bites.

“When children bite, lift or carry him. Calmly tell him,” Do not do it “. Then seat the child and leave him alone for 1-2 minutes,” says Kolari.

That way, the child will understand every bite him, he will be deprived of something he really likes. Instead, you should never bite the child back just to tell him how it feels to be bitten.

“The way it actually did not give him any subject and he would think it should not bite,” added Humphrey.

To prevent children from biting, if you see him start going to do, try to stop it. Teach the child to express what he felt when he was angry.

Another step is to talk to him about the topic of ‘bite’ this. For example, by saying, “We must repel mosquitoes this bad ya, because he likes to bite”. Chat is helping children overcome bad habits without feeling humiliated.

Teach your children to also apologize to those that have been bitten. Do not forget to give him an award or praise if the child has stopped biting habit.