What to Taken When Will Childbirth?

Childbirth become the most awaited moment of the pregnant woman. Before that moment comes, it’s good to prepare a variety of equipment that must be brought to the hospital from a long day.

Packing should be done during an eight-month gestation because you can give birth at any time before the due date doctors. At that age, pregnant women usually also have shopping needs of the baby.

As quoted by Babycenter, there are three purposes that can be your guide in preparing supplies to be taken to hospital. First, the purposes they give birth, after birth, to her husband and baby.

When Will Delivery Purposes

Prepare a bag big enough to put your various equipment. The first set of luggage is a notebook of pregnancy. The book is very important because if you have a sudden to the hospital and accepted by a doctor or nurse, a book that is a reference them.

After the book, bring supplies such as toiletries ranging from towels to soap. Indeed, there is usually some hospitals that provide toiletries, but you also would not hurt to bring a precaution and who knows wants to use its own equipment from home.

Do not forget to bring sandals and socks. Comfortable slippers needed to walk around the hospital, if it is when I got there, you just got the opening 1 or 2. A walk is one way to speed up the opening. While wear socks if you feel air conditioning too cold hospital room.

In addition to the above objects, which you should also be able to take anything that is relaxing. For example, you normally use a pillow to sleep on or a favorite novel.

Needs After Childbirth

After birth, there is quite a lot of equipment to be prepared. The first is a special bandage for women after childbirth. Is different from the sanitary pads for menstruation, but not hard to come by. You can buy it at many large supermarkets or pharmacies.

In addition to the pads, do not forget the nursing bra. Bra is useful because it is usually after the baby is born, breast milk will come out automatically from your nipples. If you choose to wear a bra, bras are very useful.

The object is also required after birth is octopus. Wearing octopus or not is your choice. Some hospitals also exist that do not require the patient to wear an octopus after delivery. In terms of medical, octopuses can prevent pressure sores from the inside so it is good for the healing process.

Clothes to go home and not least snacks with three fixtures that have been mentioned above. Dress shirt should be taken after childbirth too loose because, your body has not changed too drastically.

Supplies For Husband & Baby

Indeed husband could prepare their own equipment. But there is no harm if you prepare what needs to be taken when husband accompany you through the process of giving birth.

Just like your husband also need shaving kit and a few change of clothes. Do not forget to bring a camera or camcorder when you want it captured the historic moment.

As for the baby, usually the hospital provides a variety of supplies for the baby to be there. So you need to prepare is a fixture when the baby came home.

Bring a set of baby clothing, ranging from clothes, socks, gloves and legs, hats and blankets. For those of you who go home with a private car, make sure the car is already fitted car seat for your baby.