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Basic Things to Know About Gondola Shelving Gondola shelving is a great option for retail store owners who want to use display racks that stand on their own and allow space for aisles. These gondola units come in different depths and heights, and are also adjustable to the required depth and height of the intended contents. The usual depth of gondola shelving is 250 to 570mm, while a common height is anywhere from 1.4 – 2.1 meters. If the store owner needs to be able to maintain a constant view across the store, it’s good to have low-rising gondola units. With higher units, there will be more space that can be used for displaying items. Taller gondolas are a very common sight in bigger stores and supermarkets. If the intention for the units is to create aisles, they must be arranged in a manner that allow the free flow of traffic inside the store. That means a line may have to be slightly lower than the one next to it in order to encourage customers to naturally turn around that point. You have the option to go for a certain number of short aisles and long aisles. Definitely, space availability is the main issue when it comes to this. When you have aisles, it becomes more convenient for customers to check out your products, and they will likely stay longer in your store. This, in turn, may just lead them into impulse-buying.
On Dividers: My Experience Explained
It would be fun and catchy to place gondolas of non-uniform heights and configurations. This may just make your store more attractive. With gondola shelves being adjustable, you can always tweak their size and depth based on your exact preferences. You can even tilt those shelves so you can use them for displaying magazines, newspapers and other similar items.
On Dividers: My Thoughts Explained
Aside from the shelves themselves, you can also make use of accessories and fittings that help you organize your displays, and for make it more convenient for people to see product descriptions and prices. With shelf dividers, epos ticket strips, etc., keeping your displays neat and nice is almost effortless. Whether you want used or new shelves for your store, gondolas can be considered good options for making new space for your products, or for improving the current arrangement of your shop. Seek professional help in finding the units that will suit your requirements the most. Maybe you’re thinking of getting new units to go with those that already have in your store, or maybe you’re planning to redesign your entire store’s interior. No matter your requirements, it’s always best to consult an experienced supplier so you can be guided accordingly with regards to finding the best gondola shelving units for you.