Tips to Prevent Tantrums For Kids

Reported by Kids-Health, tantrums usually occur when the child enters the age of 1-3 years. Some causes of tantrums that often occurs in between, the child seeking attention, tired, hungry or uncomfortable.

Tantrums can also occur when a child is frustrated with his world. The purpose of the sentence is, when the child can not achieve what he wanted, he could upset incredible. The frustration in children, although the new-old toddler, is normal. By feeling that children can recognize frustration and learn cope.

Although normal, actually you as parents can prevent these tantrums. Do not get when tantrums are happening, you’ve tried to overcome it because it would be difficult and frustrating.

Here are his tips as reported by e-How:

1. Create a good example
As a normal human being, you can certainly feel frustrated. But do not overdo it when you take action frustration that comes especially in front of children. If you get angry, although children can mencontohnya old toddler. Try to stay calm, do not shout. Show him how to control emotions when it comes frustration.

2. Watch and learn habits of children
If you feel your child will tantrum, try to approach and sit nearby. Ask him what is bothering him and if you can help solve. Helping children cope with difficult issues is a valuable lesson for him.

3. Create a bedtime routine and good eating habits
Tantrums usually occur because children are hungry or tired. By making meal time schedule, whether it’s a main meal or snack can prevent it from tantrums due to hunger. While creating a bedtime routine sleep either day or night, can prevent children from getting tired.

4. Offer choices
When the child will tantrum, usually he’s already persuaded you to fulfill her desire. In order tantrum is not the case, give the child a choice. For example, when the child will be angry because they do not want to wear the clothes after a shower, ask him, what clothes she wants, whether red or yellow shirt? You who make that choice, yet the child still feels he has control over the situation.

5. Determine the time to play and rest for children
Child tantrums because fatigue is because he is too tired to play. To prevent that, when you see your child is too active play, offered him to take a break by doing something more casual. Encourage children to read books or play with puzzles.

6. Never Too Limit Kids
Parents often provide limits or restrictions on their children when they move. Anger or rejection of the ban is a natural thing to be done child. Therefore, do not be too limiting a child in activity.