Tips For The Small Not Afraid of the Dark

Sleeping with the lights turned off so the scariest thing for some children. Does that include your child? If so, the following tips so that your child is not afraid of the dark, as reported by eHow:

1. Make sure the child if he feels fear is normal. Having said that, children can begin to overcome his fear because they share his feelings.

2. Try talking to the child about what scared of darkness. By knowing more specific, you can more easily help your child overcome his fear. For example, if a child is afraid of the dark because it will be visited by a ghost.

According to Muhammad Rizal, from the Institute of Applied Psychology Psi UI, as reported detikHealth child was not familiar with the concept that the ghosts are scary, but the environment that created the concept.

Usually a child will be afraid of ghosts when you see the parents or the people around him terrified and screaming while watching a movie or advertisement that shows ghost. Therefore, parents should set an example of correct behavior by not implanting judgment that ghosts are scary, because basically the kids are not afraid of ghosts.

3. Make children feel safe and comfortable in a way to convince him. Tell him he’s safe because you are actually sleeping not far from it. If the child is afraid of monsters, reassure her that the monster was not there and will not hurt her. Although initially the child not quite sure, what you say it’s at least make it a little quieter.

4. Offer on the small things that can make them feel safe, in addition to turning on the lights, of course. For example, by putting his favorite toys. You could also offer to accompany him for a few minutes, while she started to fall asleep.

5. If the child is still afraid, you can put additional lights. Additional lighting is certainly much fainter than the light that you turn off your headlights when your baby sleep. Make sure the light level of information is secure, so that the child does not awaken the child. With the additional light, the fear of the child could be slightly reduced.