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Improvements for Gastric Bypass Surgery The amount of risks in gastric bypass should make anyone think twice but the fact remains that this surgery is still a life saver despite the risks. But thanks to laparoscopic improvements the amount of risks you will have to weigh in has dropped considerably. This kind of surgery is over fifty years old and it is still continuing to evolve and improve over time. The reason why we have this kind of surgery is because one day doctors began to realize that once they removed the intestines out of their patient, their patients started to lose weight, now this sounds obvious because they do not have intestines but back then it was a shock and that is how gastric bypass was born. So then they realized if they shortened the intestines the actually lower the amount of calories the body is absorbing which leads to weight loss. Despite the high number of side-effects these surgery had, it still became very popular. These side-effects ranged from mild to death. One side-effect that came from this surgery is the fact that many of the patients that underwent this surgery became weak because they were not absorbing all the proper nutrition that they needed. So as you can imagine, the patients became malnourished. So doctors needed to find a way to prevent this and they came up with bariatric techniques that will allow them to bypass the stomach.
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The amount of risks associated with this surgery back then was very high. To help reduce the amount of risks that a patient will have to take, doctors began using less invasive surgeries because the less you cut open the less that could go wrong. In the past in order to do this surgery the doctors would have had to make a very big cut and then inflate the stomach to help stretch the cut using carbon dioxide. Nowadays we have laparoscopic techniques that allows doctors to do the surgery with only minor cuts which is a major improvement over the past techniques which sounded like torture. This type of surgery also requires allot less time for recovery and the amount of risks have dropped like a rock.
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Believe it or not but robots can actually perform this surgery, which just only adds to the safety because these robots can do the surgery quicker, more precise, and overall the robot can do it safer because it will not make a mistake unlike a doctor. Despite the technological advancements the amount of people dying from this surgery is still quite high but you also need to take into consideration that people die from many different kinds of surgeries, especially major surgeries that affect your life in one way or another and they are inherently dangerous but they are also getting safer and safer every day.