Survey: Families with 2 Girls Most Happy

An interesting study on children and families in Britain. From the research it was revealed, the happiest families are those who have two daughters.

The study was made by the site There are 2116 parents with children 16 years and under it, a respondent. Studied were, how family life with various combinations of children, such as families with two daughters, a family who had two children, and men in others. The study examined 12 combinations of children in a family.

From the research it was revealed, the family had two daughters most harmonious combination than families with other children. Family is so rarely fight. Two daughters also rarely disobey their parents saying, not too noisy and trust in parents.

Things are much different in families with four daughters. They have four daughters, so most unhappy family than other families. 1 of 4 family pleaded not 100% happy with their lives, and 1 in 3 families revealed it difficult to live a daily life. For example, when the kids get sick, the parents it is hard to share attention to their four children. When morning came, a parent with four daughters also became very busy and difficult to prepare all purposes.

“My father and mother that our respondents are parents who love their children. But those who have greater difficulty family find peace in their daily lives,” said a spokesman from, Faye Mingo as reported by the Telegraph.

“The more girls you have, they become more and more busy, more busy than those who had a son,” he added.

In his research, asking parents to rank the behaviors of their children. Two girls get the highest score in the assessment. They are easier to understand, wants to help take care of the house and in general, to love each other.

From the research conducted bounty, Mingo hope that parents give more quality time to their children. Parents should also remind their children, how lucky have siblings. Create a family ritual as well, such as eating and playing together so the family became closer.

Here is a combination of the child from the best to worst, based on a survey

1. Two daughters
2. One son and one daughter
3. Two boys
4. Three daughters
5. Three boys
6. Four boys
7. Two girls and a boy
8. Two sons and one daughter.
9. Three sons and one daughter
10. Three girls and one boy
11. Two sons and one daughter
12. Four daughters

Excess had two daughters:

1. Rarely noisy
2. Helping care home
3. Rarely fight and argue
4. Played well together
5. Rarely mutually indifferent
6. Believe in parents
7. Behavior or attitude quite well
8. Really like each other
9. Tractable
10. Rarely Mutually Interfering

Disadvantages had four daughters:

1. Fight and argue all the time
2. Less tractable
3. Often do not like each other
4. Bedtime can be a nightmare
5. Often makes noisy home
6. Rarely trust in parents
7. Must have a big house and car