Smartphone Processor Is Not The Most Important

With the increasing number of smartphones in circulation, you may experience some confusion in determining the choice of buying a gadget. Moreover, the development by each plant as not stopping and constantly improve the appearance of the quality and performance of its products, up from the outward appearance.

However, we are often stuck with the idea that the more complete a processor core, the higher the graphics capabilities of the mobile phone.

Greg Sullivan, Senior Product Manager of Microsoft, says that you can not just rely on the processor as the only reference in buying a smart phone. “When you becoming number of processor cores as the sole consideration, then you’ve made a mistake,” Sullivan said as quoted from

Double strength with double chip

You may often hear the general opinion that says that a gadget will have a chart improvement in performance when the processor has more than one core. You will often get advice from friends who say that dual-core processors and quad-core processors will have better performance when compared to a smartphone powered by a single core processor.

Unfortunately, the opinion is not quite right. Jessica Dolcourt from website says that the number of nuclei will not affect much the performance of the phone, because the processor has to be supported by efficient or not the system of the mobile phone. Thus, the micro-processor is not the only thing that you must consider before buying a smatrphone.

Multi-core processor, saving battery

Again processors used as the sole object. In my opinion that has been circulating, the more sophisticated or more processor cores which is owned by a smart phone, the battery will not be easily exhausted. Unfortunately, the opinion is a bit wrong.

In order to be more understandable, let analogy performance of a smartphone with a car engine. Size processor speed (GHz) a bit similar to the size of the engine speed (RPM). While the number of processor cores can be equated to the number of cylinders in the engine.

The more the number of cylinders in an engine, the more energy is also generated. However, the more wasteful of fuel will also be used. “If we get the gas pedal in a sports car, the faster the car is running,” said Francis Sideco, one analyst firm HIS iSuppli. “However, the sooner you are burning fuel.”

“Ketka a car stuck in traffic and did not require maximum performance from the engine, the engine will be ‘rested’ and just use the electrical system,” said a representative of the company Nvidia. “But when the car was in the middle of the highway, one of the four core processors will work in accordance with the pace we wanted.”

The operating system is often forgotten

Today, the fans quad-core processor focussed on developing its Google’s Android. While Apple is still struggling to two processor cores on a smartphone. However, only Microsoft that still persist and insist to continue experimenting with the Windows Phone that has been out the Nokia Lumia 900 recently.

With only amplified a single processor, Windows Phone is struggling to penetrate the smart phone market. Unfortunately, Microsoft did not trouble objectively assessed. Windows Phone has not been able to compete with Android and iOS only because public opinion says that the single-core processor is not fast enough when compared to multi-core processors.

Knowing this, Microsoft is trying to break down the myth. One of the representatives from Microsoft mentioned that one processor core has better efficiency in performing their duties when compared with multi-core. Furthermore, the performance of a smart phone should be assessed from the ability of a processor to perform multi-tasking, not the number of the point.