Research: Kids Happiness Depends On Her mother

Researchers in the UK to find out what makes children happy with their lives. The study’s findings happy children if their mothers happy. While the father was not too happy child’s life to determine satisfaction.

‘The Understanding Society’ was the name of a study involving 40 thousand households in the UK. There were 6441 women, 5384 men and 1268 children so study respondents.

Reported by the Daily Mail, 60% of children in the study whose mothers were happy with their lives, feeling very satisfied with family life right now. In contrast, 55% of children whose mothers are not happy, feeling his life less happy.

Research involving children aged 10-15 years was figuring out how the relationship between a married couple and the relationship between parent and child. Three researchers in the study from the Institute for Social and Economic Research, Professor John Ermisch, Dr Maria Iacovou, and Dr Alexandra Skew revealed that the happiest children are those living with both parents, no brother, no fights with parents, eating dinner together at least three times a week and the mother is happy with his family.

“This study shows that family relationships and parent children happy is the key to happiness. This contradicts the assumption that there had been that kids just want to spend time playing videogames or watch television. Which we found the children should feel happy if you can interact with parents or relatives, “explained Dr Maria Iacovou.