Parent’s Role When Babies Start Learning Way

During the first year, a lot of progress being made babies. Starting from the learning rolling, crawling and sitting up he could stand at the age of about eight months.

Once able to stand alone, the baby will begin to cultivate the confidence to balance position. The average baby start their first steps between the ages of 9-12 months and could run well at 14-15 months. But do not worry if your child takes longer. There are also many children who could just walk in the age of 16-17 months.

When Babies Start Learning the Way?

Reported baby center, at the age of five months, the baby will begin to love jumping when foot is placed on your thigh. Lope will be a favorite activity for several months. Baby’s leg muscles continued to grow as he also began studying roll, sit and crawl.

At the age of eight months, your baby may begin to try to pull herself up to standing while holding on to whatever he can to help her strong sense. Having mastered standing alone, will explore her baby by walking to different places in the house by holding on to anything that could be held.

In this stage, the baby will also try to stand alone without support. When this stage has been passed through, the baby will start trying to step.

At the age of 9 or 10 months, the baby will start trying to kneel and sit after standing. At the age of 11 months, infants have mastered standing alone, bending and squatting. Babies also started to run her hands held by you. Only, he had not dared to move without you cling to. When the age of 13 months, three of the four infants could walk.

What Do You Do When Babies Learning Way?

When the baby began to try to pull herself up to stand, he will need your help to get back into a sitting position. When the baby began to give signs that he could not sit after standing, show her how berlutuh so he can sit alone. Let the baby a chance to try out what you teach, the new help him.

You can also motivate your baby to walk with knees or standing in front of him and gives your hands. Babies can learn to walk with mentatihnya. Babies usually love the moment when you mentatihnya because he can run at will.

Toys are another alternative to help babies learn to walk. Choose a toy that gives baby the opportunity to push it. Toys should be heavy enough so that the baby can lean on him.

What about the baby walker? American Academy of Pediatrics or the American Pediatric Organization is not recommending baby walker usage.

Reported mayo clinic, baby walkers actually slow the progression of the baby’s ability to walk. The tool can also make your leg muscles developing baby is not perfect. The use of baby walkers that too much can make the baby’s toes. It happens because the baby is accustomed to moving forward while pushing the tool.

So the baby can walk, you should also delay introduced shoes. Shoes better applied to the baby until she could walk out of the house, in the rough, or a cold surface. Walking barefoot is recommended for babies who are learning to walk because it can make them develop skills and coordination body menyimbangkan.