What to Taken When Will Childbirth?

Childbirth become the most awaited moment of the pregnant woman. Before that moment comes, it’s good to prepare a variety of equipment that must be brought to the hospital from a long day.

Packing should be done during an eight-month gestation because you can give birth at any time before the due date doctors. At that age, pregnant women usually also have shopping needs of the baby.

As quoted by Babycenter, there are three purposes that can be your guide in preparing supplies to be taken to hospital. First, the purposes they give birth, after birth, to her husband and baby.

When Will Delivery Purposes

Prepare a bag big enough to put your various equipment. The first set of luggage is a notebook of pregnancy. The book is very important because if you have a sudden to the hospital and accepted by a doctor or nurse, a book that is a reference them. Continue reading “What to Taken When Will Childbirth?”

Tips to Prevent Tantrums For Kids

Reported by Kids-Health, tantrums usually occur when the child enters the age of 1-3 years. Some causes of tantrums that often occurs in between, the child seeking attention, tired, hungry or uncomfortable.

Tantrums can also occur when a child is frustrated with his world. The purpose of the sentence is, when the child can not achieve what he wanted, he could upset incredible. The frustration in children, although the new-old toddler, is normal. By feeling that children can recognize frustration and learn cope.

Although normal, actually you as parents can prevent these tantrums. Do not get when tantrums are happening, you’ve tried to overcome it because it would be difficult and frustrating.

Here are his tips as reported by e-How:

1. Create a good example Continue reading “Tips to Prevent Tantrums For Kids”

New Working Mom Gives Birth? Immediately Dairy milk!

Working mothers who have just given birth are advised to follow these tips if you want to succeed give your baby breast milk. The mother worked very advisable to express their breast milk as early as possible.

“We recommend early as possible. Can in between feedings or while breastfeeding,” advises Chief Nursing Mothers Association of Indonesia (AIMI) Mia Sutanto when talking with Wolipop in the West Cilandak, South Jakarta.

Mia raised the suggestion is not without reason. With milking breast milk as early as possible, the mother could be quieter work because it already has a lot of dairy milk supply.

If a new mother milking breast milk before she returned to work, the mother can be stressful because of being chased by a limited stock. The effect of this stress, breastfeeding mothers can not smooth so the stock dwindling and exclusive breastfeeding program eventually failed.
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Tips For The Small Not Afraid of the Dark

Sleeping with the lights turned off so the scariest thing for some children. Does that include your child? If so, the following tips so that your child is not afraid of the dark, as reported by eHow:

1. Make sure the child if he feels fear is normal. Having said that, children can begin to overcome his fear because they share his feelings.

2. Try talking to the child about what scared of darkness. By knowing more specific, you can more easily help your child overcome his fear. For example, if a child is afraid of the dark because it will be visited by a ghost.

According to Muhammad Rizal, from the Institute of Applied Psychology Psi UI, as reported detikHealth child was not familiar with the concept that the ghosts are scary, but the environment that created the concept.
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3 Unique Ways To Celebrate Pregnancy

Celebrating pregnancy is now not just immortalize your belly. Mothers in many parts of the world, including some celebrities have a way to enjoy their pregnancy.

Here’s bebeapa unique way, as reported by the Daily Mail:

bump Painting

Want your belly painted? Bump painting could be an option. There are many popular motif painted on the mother’s abdomen like a flower, an animal, an animal or a baby’s feet. Singer Mariah Carey who is currently expecting her first child, including those that did bump painting. Mariah belly painted pictures of butterflies.

The process of painting is also quite convenient for pregnant women. Mom can relax and relax, while the painter started menggoeskan brush on her stomach. Of course, the paint used contains no harmful chemicals.

Belly Cast Continue reading “3 Unique Ways To Celebrate Pregnancy”

Research: Kids Happiness Depends On Her mother

Researchers in the UK to find out what makes children happy with their lives. The study’s findings happy children if their mothers happy. While the father was not too happy child’s life to determine satisfaction.

‘The Understanding Society’ was the name of a study involving 40 thousand households in the UK. There were 6441 women, 5384 men and 1268 children so study respondents.

Reported by the Daily Mail, 60% of children in the study whose mothers were happy with their lives, feeling very satisfied with family life right now. In contrast, 55% of children whose mothers are not happy, feeling his life less happy.

Research involving children aged 10-15 years was figuring out how the relationship between a married couple and the relationship between parent and child. Three researchers in the study from the Institute for Social and Economic Research, Professor John Ermisch, Dr Maria Iacovou, and Dr Alexandra Skew revealed that the happiest children are those living with both parents, no brother, no fights with parents, eating dinner together at least three times a week and the mother is happy with his family.
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It’s Not Difficult Child How To Rise and Shine

Children wake up in the morning can be a problem you have to face every day. How exactly is that your child is not hard to get up in the morning?

According to education expert who is also a pediatrician, Steven Dowshen, as reported Kidshealth, actually not only children are hard to get up in the morning. Some adults also feel the same.

The key to the problem hard to wake up this morning not happen is to make sure children get enough sleep at night. Children need at least nine hours of sleep each night.

To maintain her routine, as a parent, you should ban oversleep or sleep late on weekends. Sleep one or two hours longer than the weekdays is fine, but do not get too long as this can disrupt routines that have previously been made.
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Survey: Families with 2 Girls Most Happy

An interesting study on children and families in Britain. From the research it was revealed, the happiest families are those who have two daughters.

The study was made by the site bounty.com. There are 2116 parents with children 16 years and under it, a respondent. Studied were, how family life with various combinations of children, such as families with two daughters, a family who had two children, and men in others. The study examined 12 combinations of children in a family.

From the research it was revealed, the family had two daughters most harmonious combination than families with other children. Family is so rarely fight. Two daughters also rarely disobey their parents saying, not too noisy and trust in parents.
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Come Little Weaning with Love

Mothers may breastfeed their children until the age of two years, as recommended by WHO. After that, the mother can start the process of weaning. But sometimes the process is difficult and cause grief.

Sadly because kids can begging for feeding, while the mother refused because keukeuh run weaning process. There are also mother to do unusual things like making her nipples tasted bitter, so the baby refuses to suckle again.

Actually there are ways more convenient for the mother and child in this weaning process. This process is commonly referred to as weaning or weaning with love with love. Like what?

According to the Chairman of the Association of Breastfeeding (AIMI) Mia Sutanto child should be weaned when it is his time. When time is it? It all depends on the readiness of the child and mother. If the child still likes to suckle, no need to rush. Continue reading “Come Little Weaning with Love”

Tips For Kids To Learn Toilet Training

After knowing when the right time to teach your child toilet training, you now need to learn the tricks that the kids want to do so. Here are some powerful ways that children want a small or large bowel movements in the bathroom.

1. Prepare all necessary equipment
As reported by the Mayo Clinic, put the potty (potty chair) in your bathroom. Ask the children to sit on the potty. Besides pot, you can also put pictures of that interest your child. These pictures can be the way you want your child to go to the bathroom.

Ask the children to try the potty until he feels comfortable. Feel free to experiment a few times. It does not matter if the kids end up playing. Most importantly the children are not familiar with the object.

2. Exercise Continue reading “Tips For Kids To Learn Toilet Training”