Nokia Lumia 710 Launched

Nokia Lumia 710 the latest gadgets from Nokia, the handset with Windows Phone 7.5 or Mango officially launched Nokia at the Nokia World event in London. Both a weapon before Nokia will reportedly start poured more Windows phones this year.

Indeed, Windows Phone platform has been used a few phone vendors such as HTC, Samsung, to LG. However, Nokia believes they are better handsets and present the experience of using Windows Phone is real.

Worth the wait if gambling Nokia with Windows Phone OS sweet fruit. Some analysts believe Nokia Lumia has the potential to rival the iPhone or Android, from the design and the features it offers.

In terms of design, both the handset looks classy. Especially Lumia 800, which is intended for high-end segment. Then the Nokia 710 form something like the Symbian phones. Nokia 710 itself back cover can be replaced with a wide selection of bright colors. The Nokia Lumia 710, only 125.5 grams but the screen size is much smaller than the Lumia 800.

Physical buttons on the Lumia 710 is simple, there are three buttons that link the ‘previous’, home (Windows icon), and Search. But unfortunately, to a position in front view only two tabs that can slide back and forth by the user. Compare with other OS, which can even be more than 5 different tabs.

In the initial view, we will find features such as SMS, email setup, Nokia Drive, Internet Explorer (IE). Interestingly, the display in the People service, you will find a profile picture of your Facebook friends can be alternated every time.

The core of the Nokia Lumia is the people. People Hub gives you access to anyone you know with just one click. This is the starting place to socialize. Once started you do not need to open separate social network apps to see what’s going on, because all the latest info from Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn can be opened directly from the main screen.

With the size of the screen on the Lumia 710 which is only 3.7 inches, and the additional use of Gorilla Glass technology, surfing on the device is quite exciting. Moreover, coupled with using a single-core 1.4GHz Qualcomm MSM8255T Scorpion / Snapdragon chip. camera with a resolution of 5 megapixels, including additional flash to round up the picture in a dark or low light.

But one is quite disturbing is, applications are present in the Market Place are expensive, although you can try out the application before buying it. Some applications are also present at this store.

For those first users of Windows Phone or Windows Mobile get ready to set aside plenty of time to study the OS’s interface. Because the interface is an application with another application OS is very different from most other OS.