New Working Mom Gives Birth? Immediately Dairy milk!

Working mothers who have just given birth are advised to follow these tips if you want to succeed give your baby breast milk. The mother worked very advisable to express their breast milk as early as possible.

“We recommend early as possible. Can in between feedings or while breastfeeding,” advises Chief Nursing Mothers Association of Indonesia (AIMI) Mia Sutanto when talking with Wolipop in the West Cilandak, South Jakarta.

Mia raised the suggestion is not without reason. With milking breast milk as early as possible, the mother could be quieter work because it already has a lot of dairy milk supply.

If a new mother milking breast milk before she returned to work, the mother can be stressful because of being chased by a limited stock. The effect of this stress, breastfeeding mothers can not smooth so the stock dwindling and exclusive breastfeeding program eventually failed.

“At very short two weeks before entering the office. Was also a pinch and need a strong will,” said Mia.

Before returning to work, and when I was pregnant, a woman should find out their rights at work. According to Mia, the rights of breastfeeding mothers are protected rule of law in Indonesia.

Since long ago, mothers who breastfeed should also find out if they work or do not support. Ask your boss or supervisor about the possibility they could be flushed milk in between working hours and breaks. Find out also the place where they can be flushed milk and is there a temporary storage area.

To express breast milk, Mia suggested that mothers learn to use their hands. Although there are also mothers who use breast pumps more practical tools.

“But we still recommend learning AIMI the hand. Just in case, a power failure, the battery pemompanya depleted, pumping equipment behind,” said the mother of two children.

Dairy milk if stored properly in the freezer can hold up to six months. When death comes electricity, you do not need to worry because Mia share tips cope.

“There are many ways that can be circumvented, for example, do not often open the refrigerator and freezer. Stock ice that big. Currently a power failure, diganjel dairy milk ice cube, do not open the freezer is also open after that. If you want to feel very safe, could buy a generator. could also place we have an emergency, we ASI titipin home parents or relatives, “he explained.