MotoACTV Friend At Work

It has been widely present some portable gadgets that can help you during exercise. Nike +, Polar, Garmin and Timex has created a gadget to make it easy to calculate how many calories you spend while exercising or calculating distance have you traveled while jogging.

Now, it has come a new gadget that can make you become more counting  sport. MotoACTV (read: moto-active) is launching its newest product.

MotoACTV looks very compact design. In addition to its small, MotoACTV has a touchscreen display that is surrounded by a variety of multifunction button. In addition, MotoACTV also have facilities such as the size of the headphone jack 3.5 mm, and a microUSB port for.

The design MotoACTV also quite interesting. Besides can be used on the wrist, like a watch, this gadget can also be worn on your arm using the armband accessories. However, if you really rarely do jogging and riding bikes more often, MotoACTV can also be mounted on your bike handlebar.

In addition to a very attractive design, MotoACTV other advantages lies in its ability to facilitate the users with GPS. MotoACTV can also connect to Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, and has been synchronized using the ANT + system, so MotoACTV can connect with some other fitness tools that use the system.

MotoACTV has a very attractive interface and is easy to operate. By using carousel-style display, MotoACTV allows you to switch between clock features, music, sports and notifications from your phone. If you have difficulty pressing the touchscreen when carrying out jogging, you can press the button on the side to switch between features.

Another uniqueness of the MotoACTV is its ability to connect to your phone. Easily, you can see the SMS messages or receive calls through MotoACTV when it is connected using Bluetooth facility.

However, there is a shortage of gadgets owned by this one. Although it has been connected to the phone, we can not know directly when we received the phone call or SMS. MotoACTV is not equipped with vibrate. In addition, MotoACTV also had no warning sound when there is an incoming call.

It must be acknowledged that Motorola has created a very innovative thing in this case. MotoACTV managed to become one gadget that is perfect worn on the wrist, arm, belt or on your bicycle handlebar. In addition, the ability to record all your activities and transfer them to a PC can help you measure the activity that you live.

Indeed, many other tools that can do the same ability with MotoACTV. However, not many are able to do so easily. Interested to get one? You can quickly get in Wellcomm Shop nearest you.