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Things to Know When Buying Real Estate in Mexico Americans dream of buying property in Mexico and they need to learn the differences in real estate systems compared that of the United States. The way United States sell real estate is essentially the same with Mexico but it would be a folly to assume that both systems are the same. There are facets that make the two systems stark different. You need to be away about these differences before you go on buy a real estate. Mexico is quite different as there is no need to have real estate license to buy or sell property. A person in the US needs to be trained and get a license first before he or she can buy or sell some property. Any person who has no know how in real estate can sell property in Mexico. That is why foreigners that are unaware of the laws can be duped into fraud. Even legit sellers that are honestly selling properties may not be aware about the local policies such as zoning, transfer of title and mandates on foreign ownership. In order to avoid headaches and fraud, you need to deal with a reputable Mexico Real Estate agency that knows how to get your property the legal way. Foreign nationals are not allowed to own property on the restricted zone. The restricted zone is the 50 km perimeter along the coastline and 100 km along the country’s borders. There are ways that foreigners to get property near the coastline without getting into trouble as it is the policy of Mexico to welcome foreign investments. One way to do this is for the foreigner to make a Mexican corporation and wholly own it and have the corporation buy the property.
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Financing can be also provided by agents that are into Yucatan real estate for sale. Locals do not get much help from Mexican banks to build homes. Local residents Stateside get nice financing option from American banks. Unfortunately, Americans that like to buy a property need to pay in full and in cash. Luckily, you can tap American banks for financing brought about the reforms in the real estate sector. One can get construction loans with US banks. There are banks that are willing to write loans for second and third homes in Mexico. Some banks offer loans for first homes and investment properties. This way you can fulfill your dream of having that nice Condo for Sale. The trick is you need to find help especially with a respected real estate agent that you can find online. Always settle for someone that has been a seasoned real estate broker in Mexico. Ideally, you need to do your own research so that the experience would not be much of a headache.A 10-Point Plan for Homes (Without Being Overwhelmed)