It’s Not Difficult Child How To Rise and Shine

Children wake up in the morning can be a problem you have to face every day. How exactly is that your child is not hard to get up in the morning?

According to education expert who is also a pediatrician, Steven Dowshen, as reported Kidshealth, actually not only children are hard to get up in the morning. Some adults also feel the same.

The key to the problem hard to wake up this morning not happen is to make sure children get enough sleep at night. Children need at least nine hours of sleep each night.

To maintain her routine, as a parent, you should ban oversleep or sleep late on weekends. Sleep one or two hours longer than the weekdays is fine, but do not get too long as this can disrupt routines that have previously been made.

Meanwhile, according to the child’s behavior therapist James Lehman, as reported by Self Help, kids always wake up in the morning actually makes the child feel like getting out. “If you think about it, the child will feel himself why he had to get up when you want to wake her parents. Son will think, they do not have to wake up their mother gave a threat,” he said.

Megan Devine, a Parental Support Line Specialist added, so that the child is not hard to get up again, try to give them responsibility. Before doing that, take the first child to sit together to discuss these responsibilities. Let your child feel what would happen if responsibility is ignored. It will probably take a few days or weeks until the children could actually run that responsibility.

If the child is still difficult to get up in the morning, help them overcome this by making a plan. Have your child make a list of what exactly makes them hard to open my eyes in the morning. Provide solutions to problems such as alarms but do not put near his bed so that the child would get up out of bed and turn off the alarm.

Teach your child to prepare well before going to sleep school supplies, such as books, bags, uniforms, shoes to be worn. In this way, the child will not be too rushed in the morning.