Impressive Debut Nokia Lumia 900

Everyone must know Nokia, one of the mobile phone manufacturers who had controlled almost the entire market of mobile phone users in Indonesia. However, his name was sunk along with the widespread circulation of smart phones, such as BlackBerry, Android, and iPhone.

Faced with such competition, Nokia does not want to continue to stay silent. Finnish company made a new story that rocked the world of gadget users through its newest product, the Nokia Lumia 900.

Lumia 900 is a result of cooperation of two large technology companies, namely Nokia and Microsoft. They collaborated to create a phone that is expected to compete in the smartphone market. Microsoft itself has a personal mission in the partnership. They want to re-appoint its name after losing the competitive landscape against smartphone makers.

Keep in mind, not the Windows Phone Lumia 900 is touted as one of the masterpieces of the Microsoft. But in the United States, Lumia 900 has become a bigger story than Windows Phone. The phone is scheduled to be released on April 8, 2012.

In general, the Lumia 900 does not offer anything new. With a screen measuring 4.3-inch AMOLED display, touch screen Nokia makes a pretty feast for the eyes and easy to see, even though we are under the sun rays. But what is unfortunate, the resolution under the iPhone or other Android phones the size of 720p. Nokia provides a single processor with a speed of 1.4 GHz as the brain of the mobile phone.

However, to be filled by the operating system Windows Phone 7.5, the Lumia 900 is a show of sophistication Microsoft. Nothing wrong if we call it Windows Phone. And if you are getting bored with Android and the iPhone, it seems that Windows Phone made by Nokia could be an alternative that you must make as a material consideration.

The operating system runs very smooth and facilitate your activities in socializing in cyberspace. Lumia 900 also has a Microsoft-made app called “People” who were able to group your friends on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn in one place.

In addition, the Lumia also have interesting applications, “Live Tiles” that can provide information about weather, calendar, and photographs in the form of thumbnails directly from the home screen. There are many more other applications of interest provided Lumia 900. When compared to its rivals that have been circulating, Lumia 900

This phone has a body that is coated polycarbonate material, a type of plastic which is more durable when compared to the case of the other phones. In addition, the display screen look bigger than its predecessor, the Lumia 800. In addition, the latest version of the Lumia has been equipped with a camera on the front, and supported by the LTE 4G facilities. Unfortunately, his body is simply not designed to support.

Lumia 900 feels heavier than Lumia 800. In addition, her body looks fatter than his brother. This phone will be hard to operate when only using one hand only. However, when seen from the perspective of design, Lumia 900 does look more attractive than the 800.

Equipped with an 8 megapixel camera and enhanced Zeiss lens, the Lumia 900 is not able to give a maximum result. Blurry photos we often get when taking pictures without flash. Not according to the names brought by Zeiss.

In spite of some shortcomings, in general it can be said that this is an impressive debut of the Nokia Lumia 900. Furthermore, the Lumia 900 can be used as a consideration before you buy or replace your iPhone and Android phones.