IMO G68, Mobile Games Similar to PSP

Features of mobile entertainment in fact never died. Intend to repeat the success of his debut IMO and IMO W8800 P800 is the concept of mobile gaming, IMO launched the G68 IMO. PSP-style design, plus Analog TV as an alternative entertainment.

As mobile gaming in general, the G68 is equipped with the NES (Nintendo Entertainment System) games, and designed like a joystick as well as its predecessor, IMO IMO W8800 and P800. Overview When you see the body, soon to be reminded of the concept design Nokia N-Gage who has pinned the access key PlayStation games like stick.

Forms a rounded adopted the concept design of the Nokia N-Gage. IMO G68 does not include a conventional alphanumeric keypad. Instead, IMO buried resistive touch screen measuring 2.4 inches includes a virtual keyboard on the inside.

Additional buttons provided them call (SIM 1 and SIM 2), End call, Softkey and the shortcut key game features. IMO G68 has a dimension of oval shaped with black bandage and blue make it look good wrapped in plastic materials and artistic design make this phone comfortable in the hand game.

Mstar 8532 platform, homescreen is not much different from other local mobile phones. There is a network indicator, battery, date and time. A variety of wallpaper can be personalized on the setting display.

Go to page menu, there is a row of icons menu presented neat, minimal grid and intricate graphics. To select various menus are displayed, you can use the touch screen response enough to pan left, right, up and down, but not multi-touch.

About the game, IMO G68 supported NES games that were implanted into the microSD card. If there is free in the sales package, you can download it from the Internet, and save it to the NES game ROM microSD card.

Various games such as Mario Bros, Zelda until the war games genre can be covered in it. Visual game IMO not much different from its predecessor series, the P800 IMO and IMO W8800.

Various function keys like the PSP game adds a distinct impression for you. Especially when playing games on it. There is a shoot button, left-right, top-down jumps, to adjust button for play / stop.

Quoted from the audio entertainment sector, is equipped with an MP3 player. Support a wide speaker holes, alias very big on the back of the phone, making the quality of the audio bursts played on this phone loud and powerful. Not many changes that occur when you perform music enhancement in it, either through a headset or loudspeaker.

While for the purposes of file transfer, mobile air Mstar 8532 platform can take advantage of Bluetooth and data cable supplied in the sales package. We tested transfer data weighs 49KB jpeg format to BlackBerry Javelin, just cut a 12 seconds.

In addition the game features an appropriate candidate to design, IMO G68 is still equipped with Analog TV that relies on a built-in antenna in the phone body. Image capture quality is quite clear and not grainy, but you should also actively position the antenna to catch the best. Display analog TV can be displayed in full screen.

IMO G68 features a 1.3 MP main camera, while on the front there is no camera. The quality of his indoor shoot still looks grainy and you have to be very clever to set the EV scale.

While the outdoor shots, the quality is a little better, with the results of natural images. Switch the camera functions as a recording moving objects. Speaking of quality, unfortunately it still looks broken and there is a pause.