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Knowing the Crucial Role of Capacitors in Air Conditioning If you happen to dwell in a city that gets ample amounts of sunshine a year, you probably need to get some air conditioning. We all do want to beat the heat and keep off the warm temperature, especially during summer. Of course, having a nice weather is an opportunity to bask under the warmth of the sun, then again there are things that happen out of the ordinary. The air conditioning serves its purpose to make the warm weather at least tolerable. Too much work may lead to the air conditioning breaking down. When the air conditioning gets busted we often solicit the help of a repair man to bring the air conditioner back into shape. Only experienced repair man can do a fine job in repairing the unit because of the number of parts that are working and moving in the unit. Perfection in repairing air conditioning units comes only with years of training and practice. The capacitor is the one that breaks down often in an air conditioner. The capacitors are small but very vital to the operation of your air conditioner. When the capacitor is busted even the fans would not turn on. If you know the value of the capacitor you can get a better idea on how the air conditioner works. Knowing how the capacitor works will give you a better understanding on how to make a diagnosis of the problem.
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There are three basic components of an air conditioning unit and these are: the inside fan, the outside fan, and the compressor. Capacitors are needed in each motor. The capacitors are vital to running the fans and the motor. The capacitor is usually the size of a soda can. The capacitor is the one that starts the motor and ensures the motor is running smoothly. The primary duty of the capacitor is to store energy and to release it for the motor’s use.
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It would be easier for the repair man to fix the unit if you are able to tell that the capacitor is busted. When the fan is not turning on there is a big chance that the capacitor is not working properly. A capacitor that is not working will make the fan produce a buzzing sound. The fact is that often, it will be only one capacitor that gets busted at a time. It is possible that one of the fans or the compressor will be working. It is important that all capacitors are working to make the air conditioning work. When you know the problem it would be best to have a repair man work on your unit. A busted capacitor should be services only by an expert repair man. Online is a great resource for repairmen in your area. It would not take long for an experienced repairman to replace the malfunctioning capacitor. The repair can be done as quick as you can make a lasagna for dinner.