Feeling Guilty Mother Less Time with Children

How long do working mothers have the time to spend with their children? Based on research in the UK, 88% of women feel guilty because they have much less time for their children.

The study was made by Procter and Gamble in collaboration with the Social Issues Research Center. There are 1,000 women who finished the study respondents.

88 percent of women who finished the study respondents said feeling guilty about having more time to spend with their children. Only, these mothers think they now spend more time with children than their mothers first.

There were 48 percent of respondents who felt spending time with children. While 19 percent felt they had little time for the children.

Reported by the Daily Mail, the results of the study also revealed, 64 percent of mothers only have ‘me time’ 26 minutes each day, feel they have to work to help the family finances. While 29 percent of mothers feel they are under pressure to be a perfect mother.

Other findings from the study is that social networking sites and parenting as well as the sophistication of technology such as Skype, are the things that help the mothers to get support from fellow community.

“With the increasing pressure on mothers to work and be a perfect mother as well as an addition to the salary, the support of their peers, are very important,” said Kate Fox of the Social Issues Research Center.