Come Little Weaning with Love

Mothers may breastfeed their children until the age of two years, as recommended by WHO. After that, the mother can start the process of weaning. But sometimes the process is difficult and cause grief.

Sadly because kids can begging for feeding, while the mother refused because keukeuh run weaning process. There are also mother to do unusual things like making her nipples tasted bitter, so the baby refuses to suckle again.

Actually there are ways more convenient for the mother and child in this weaning process. This process is commonly referred to as weaning or weaning with love with love. Like what?

According to the Chairman of the Association of Breastfeeding (AIMI) Mia Sutanto child should be weaned when it is his time. When time is it? It all depends on the readiness of the child and mother. If the child still likes to suckle, no need to rush.

“Unless the child or the mother herself who began to feel that the process should begin,” he said while talking to Wolipop in the West Cilandak, South Jakarta recently.

When both parties are equally ready for weaning process, can begin to start to reduce the frequency of feeding your baby. If the child usually feed 5-6 times a day, reduce to 3-4 times.

“The duration of breastfeeding was also reduced. Tell kids that moment, yes. Just five minutes, after that stop,” said Mia.

Breastfeeding should also be replaced with other activities that children do not ask for breastfeeding continues. For example, by reading a book with a story or play.

“Give me the child also positive affirmations, such as telling him when he’s big, it’s time to drink milk from a cup, not nenen,” explained the mother of two children.