Children in the UK Wants More Women Skinny

Reports of the British Journal of Psychology worrying many. According to the report, this time half of the children in England aged 3-6 years, always worried that they will become obese.

From the results of these studies also stated, at the age of 7 years, 70% of girls want to be thinner. And at age 9 years, half of the girls had been on a diet.

Reported by the Daily Mail, umut when they reach 11-17 years, girls in the UK increasingly obsessed thinner and sexier. Mostly of girls are obsessed with skinny inspired from television, celebrities, friends at school, internet or message of some billboard advertisements.

Not only that, now adult magazines began featuring little girls as their cover. There, the children were shown like a grown woman, with sexy clothes and heavy makeup. This further makes the kids want to look skinny.

Most miserable, the girls were obsessed to be thin because the prism of their mother. Adult women, like his mother, often giving examples of their obsession with weight. Children see how adults willingly skipped dinner, alternating weigh and criticize your own body or not confident.

As a parent, you would not want your daughter like a child who is a respondent in the above studies. Do not let your daughter be easily hurt or even affected by anorexia obsessed appear thinner.

Again, as a parent, do not let you pass or give the wrong message to children. According to Deanne Jade, founder of the National Centre for Eating Disorders, although you as parents say to kids to the sport to make it more healthy not to be thin, with remarks like that alone can make kids anxious because they are wrong mempresepsikan words those words.