Children Concerns Parents Need to Know

Every human being must never worried about a thing, not least for the children are still small. What can make children feel very worried? The answer will leave you deeply moved.

Apparently most of the kids that he was concerned about the health of the people who loved the parents, grandparents or siblings.

The study was based on the results of a survey of 1154 young men and women who were asked about what could have made him very worried.

As reported by Kidshealth, those loved ones is a very important part in the lives of children.

Because the child will feel worried if something happened to these people, then the child will think who will protect you later, make her breakfast or take care when children are sick.

Children rely or depend on the adults and want to be near him in a long time, it is no wonder that children feel very scared and worried if their loved ones are sick.

In addition children can also feel worried if the people he loves have unhealthy habits such as smoking or consuming alcohol frequently. Children think that habit can influence the health of loved ones later. Because it was not a few adults who quit smoking or other bad habits as a result of encouragement or coercion of children.

Some children are not able to show his concern directly, 25 percent of children will tell his worries to friends, 23 percent would tell his father or mother and most try to handle it yourself by not want to think about.

Of course this is not a good way, because of concerns that excessive could disrupt the child’s future life. Children can become depressed or moody so it can affect academic and social skills.

Talking to someone can help alleviate anxiety is felt, so parents need to help children overcome worried.

Try not to do all the things that can make a child think these actions can damage your health and take time each day to get together with the kids.