BlackBerry The Drowning

Five years ago, the BlackBerry may be a brand that successfully describes an actual smartphone. Wealth of features and more capabilities that are not owned by other phones, mobile phone produced by Research In Motion (RIM) has managed to become one of the icons to the advancement of telecommunications technology world.

“Many people think that the BlackBerry is a mandatory gadget to have,” said columnist Frank Langfitt in 2005, as quoted from “With these capabilities, the BlackBerry seems to be a hand-held computer that can send email, as well as for the call.”

But in this era, as RIM does not move to rival the remarkable progress that was launched by rivals. BlackBerry is no longer a symbol of one of the smartphones. With the increasing competition in the smartphone market, BlackBerry turned into a symbol of the fall due to the cruel world of the digital economy.

Even on March 29, 2012, RIM print “achievement” of its own. The company’s stock has reached its lowest point since 2003. Not quite up there, Jim Balsillie, who was serving as co-CEO, was forced to resign. Some economic analysts at the time predicted that RIM should be rescued by a third party. Rumors were circulating at the time said that Microsoft is the one party that will hold RIM.

Columnist of The New York Times, Sam Grobart, also wrote about RIM’s efforts to emerge from the destruction. In his article entitled “The BlackBerry, Trying to Aboid the Hall of Fallen Giants”, Grobart says that BlackBerry will soon join the ranks of brands, such as Sony Walkman, Palm Pilot, Atari 2600, and Polaroid cameras.

“Over the past year (2011), RIM shares have fallen by 75 percent,” wrote Grobart. “In fact, BlackBerry had mastered nearly half of the smartphone market in the United States. Now, they are only used by 10 percent of the population and the numbers continued to decline. ”

RIM should be able to make a miracle to save the company, because if not then the BlackBerry will be one of the research students were discussing about how quickly a giant falls due to market competition. It’s not an easy job. However, RIM should immediately seek definitive step.

Modern technology market is growing and turn into a very tight competition, if not exactly hard. Horace Dediu, a wireless industry analyst found that the development of mobile technology world is full of surprises. It also gives a depiction of the dynamics of several companies for comparison BlackBerry.

Dediu says that Nokia’s Symbian and Microsoft had suffered extreme decline in the stock market. While Google’s Android in the last two years achieved remarkable improvement. Behind Google, Apple with its iOS are still loyal and ready to tackle.

One question that will appear when looking at the market dynamics of modern technology: When Apple and Google will experience the same thing with a BlackBerry?