8 Tips Baby Bathing

After giving birth, one of the activities that mothers should learn is how to bathe the baby. For your mothers and new mothers, the following tips, as quoted iVillage:

1. Before bathing, you should first prepare all equipment before and after the baby shower. Ranging from towels, soap, bath, shampoo, clean clothes, gauze (if the baby has not been off the umbilical cord), Telon oil, and other necessities.

2. Make sure your baby is satisfied and calm before the bath. Choose a bath when the baby looks relaxed.

3. Use a washcloth or sponge bath soft for baby’s umbilical cord has not been separated.

4. Tests used to condition water used baby shower with your wrist or elbow. The water bath should be warm and comfortable for the baby.

5. If you are not too confident with the baby bath tub, you can put the baby on a flat surface. First, put the used towel on a flat surface such. Never leave your baby for any reason during the baby shower.

6. Once everything is ready, open shirt baby. Dip a washcloth or sponge into warm water and wring it out, do not get too wet. Then wash washcloth into the baby’s body slowly and gently. Starting from the face, behind the ears and then down to her neck, arms and legs.

7. If you want mengeramasi baby, hold the baby in the mother’s arms. Use a washcloth to wet hair gently and carefully rinse the foam shampoo that does not go into the baby’s eyes. Keep in mind, the baby does not have to wash it every day, just 1-2 weeks.

8. After bathing, dry the baby with a soft, clean towel. Keep baby warm and dry. Congratulations to bathe the baby.