7 Things That Make Women Pregnant Girl

Quite a lot of fun things women feel during pregnancy. Starting from more attention to look more glowing, are the two things that women experienced.

Apart from the discomfort, such as back pain and leg cramps, still, there are some things from the condition of pregnancy that sometimes make miss. Here are seven things that make you yearn to get pregnant again:

1. Eating Without the Expense
“A woman can eat more during pregnancy because they are eating for two,” said Director of the Center for Women’s Health and Sports Gynecology in Philadelphia, Mona M. Shangold. “How many calories does a pregnant women, depending on the active sebarapa mother and how the body’s metabolism,” he added.

2. Feel Special
Pregnant women can feel special because they are the people who become a living thing growing in their bellies. “I always tell my patients, realize that you are making life on your stomach,” said Doctor origin Gynecology Faculty of Medicine, Univeristy of California, Allan Lichtman. According to Lichtman, there is nothing more special again, besides being a place of growing a baby in the belly.

3. Glowing
“You are more beautiful.” Have you got a compliment from a friend or colleague while pregnant? Quite a lot of pregnant women who often received praise.

According to Lichtman, bersinarnya (glowing) pregnant women is actually more of a myth than fact. But in reality, it happens.

“Actually, there was an increase in blood circulation, but it is generally not seen in the face,” he explained.

4. Cravings
The average pregnant woman will experience cravings. Cravings can be interpreted to be something that appears suddenly and must be fulfilled immediately. Cravings are usually related to food or drink.

“It is important for pregnant women to listen to what their bodies want,” said Nutritionist Susan Kundrat.

A pregnant woman sometimes unusual food cravings. During the food or drink is not harmful, according to Susan, please just craving cravings were fulfilled.

5. Shop
When pregnant, can the new clothes shopping is one of the most enjoyable activities. If usually we have to restrict ourselves in the shop, when the two entities, would not want to buy new clothes to be done.

Not just clothes for the mother, when pregnant, you will be happy to buy a variety of needs of the child. Starting from buying clothes, toiletries, stroller, crib, and a variety of other necessary baby items.

6. Pampered
Kapanlagi pampered husband, friends and family, except during pregnancy. When pregnant, everyone will be very attentive to you. Friends can work together happily opens the door for you, husband willingly massaging your feet are sore, and your mother will make a special dish that was desirable.

7. Kicking & Fetal Movement
Nothing can replace the feeling of a woman when fetal movement felt a kick or being contained. Indeed, a woman is pregnant, the baby could see them through the four-dimensional ultrasound. However, when the fetus is in the womb moves, you will certainly feel something extraordinary and memorable moment will continue. How, if you are so homesick pregnant?