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What’s Happening in East Africa? Do you want some information regarding current events in East Africa? East Africa is the area in the eastern part of Africa comprising of 20 territories. Some of the countries in this region are Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda and Kenya. This region has a majestic geography. The two tallest mountains in Africa can be found here. Some of the deepest and oldest lakes in the world can also be found here. Recently a staggering discovery has been made in some of the countries in East Africa namely Uganda, Tanzania, Mozambique and Kenya. Huge oil reserves have been found in these areas. This is seen as something that will fuel the economy in this region. However, authorities point out that this development must be handled with care so that conflicts will be prevented from arising because of this. And this is precisely the reason why they and other experts met recently. In the area of health, it has been found out recently by a study that most people in the country have died due to malaria. However, this study may not be all-conclusive because there are a number of births that were not registered. The continent of Africa is known among many to be inhabited by many AIDS patients. The United States has consistently given a huge amount of money to fund the treatment of AIDS patients in the past years. However, some say that the US might not continue this funding in the future and so the burden will be carried by the Africans themselves. It is worth noting though that despite millions being affected by AIDS, a lot of people in the region still practice risky sexual behavior.
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With regards to fashion, there has been an increase in the number of fashion houses that are put up by locals. Some locals have even collaborated with foreigners in putting up these fashion houses. These fashion houses showcase the best in East Africa fashion. There are some who plan to teach the local women how to sew garments so they can earn a livelihood.
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With regards to education, parents are asking the governments in some regions to intervene in the steep increase of the tuition fee in secondary education. In the culture scene, it is worth noting that a seminar in Rwanda was held that deals with using poetry as a means of transforming trauma from war-conflict and genocide experience. With regards to tourism, East Africa has seen a rise in the number of Chinese tourists to its land. This is positive news to the community as the economy also benefits from the influx of tourists. For sure, tourists are in for a great adventure when they visit East Africa, as it has preserved some of its wild. If you wish to know more about East Africa, you can check out an East Africa lifestyle website.