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Why Consider An Eco Friendly House Design? An eco friendly house design is primarily focused on the home’s architecture and construction that will not just bring benefits to the occupants but to the environment too. Oftentimes, this includes sustainable development, natural materials in the construction and energy saving property. When it comes to the overall impact of the construction to the surrounding throughout the years once it is completed, eco friendly can easily go with it. It explores the relationship between ecology and architecture. The synchronization of the property with its surroundings is among the most essential aspects when it comes to green architecture. There ought to be an easy transition especially when it comes to the property’s materials that will be used and its natural landscape. For green architecture, the materials that are being used are totally different when compared to the modern homes. In such home, it includes some of the following materials: Number 1: Any recyclable materials like bricks, tiles and woods that can be obtained in the surrounding location or building site is used.
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Number 2: The new materials that are being used are more focus on the quick replenishment just like bamboos which could be harvested for commercial purposes in 6 years time.
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Number 3: Recycled item is also used for the insulation, which is done intentionally since they are low volatile organic compounds. This is completely different to fiberglass insulation since they have a long term negative impacts. To protect the insulation materials from insect’s damages, boric acid is normally used. Milk based or organic paints could also provide protection. Number 4: For creating active solar, photo-voltaic techniques and passive solar throughout the house, solar energy should be abundant. Number 5: Rather than concrete, packed gravel should be used in driveways and parking lots since they can effectively reduce the run-off of rainwater. Now, considering that you have built an eco friendly house design, what are the benefits that this could bring to you; or are there any benefits that you could enjoy? There are basically tons of benefits that can be enjoyed, check them out: With eco friendly materials, you will be able to optimize the usage of your resources most especially water and energy. During the designing and construction phase, it will incorporate the resource recycling once the construction has begun. The natural scenery could also be used in optimizing the energy consumption of the property wherever possible. Since they are incorporating a better and more natural light as well as air flow, green architecture is promoting an improved wellness of the inhabitants of the house.