4 Things to Do When Children Lie

As a parent would you always expect your child to tell the truth. But often it does not match expectations with reality. How do I stop the habit of lying?

According to psychologists from the National University Hospital, Jessie Ooh, children lie for different reasons than adults. “Children pre-school age children can lie because they can not distinguish between fantasy and reality. They love to tell stories that are not real,” he said.

Added Jessie, children pre-school age children do not understand lying is a mistake. “Children lie because they want to be liked or friends or other people they want to look good can work together or with others,” he said.

Whatever the cause, the parents still have to break the habit of lying child. Parents should not lie even though it was a white lie. For example, you claim to have no money when children are too often ask buy toys.

Here are some solutions to stop the habit of lying children, as quoted in Young Parents:

1. Discussion or Chat with Children

Approach and give sense to the child that lying is bad behavior. Also discuss with him, what the consequences would be if he was still lying. These consequences must be made together with the child, so that he does not feel you are authoritarian.

In addition, the habit of lying is also said to make you upset. Tell him, lied to him was not liked by many people because people will not believe him anymore.

2. Find Out Reasons Children Lie

Before you think negatively on the child, you should find out why. If he lied to cover up his mistake, then you should be more alert to the habit. But if he just wants to tell his imagination, it is a part of the way your child develop his imagination.

3. Give Praise

Giving praise to your child is an important part of parenting. Therefore, do not hesitate to give praise when it is behaving well, including when he was telling the truth. So that he is motivated to keep doing it.

4. Be a good example for the little guy

Most likely your child has a habit of lying because he modeled the attitude of their parents. Be a good example for your child to start with the things that often happens. Suppose you do not feel like picking up the phone, and then you ask your child to tell you that you’re gone. Without you knowing it, it will inculcate a habit for him. If you do not want your child to lie, you should always tell the truth.