3 Unique Ways To Celebrate Pregnancy

Celebrating pregnancy is now not just immortalize your belly. Mothers in many parts of the world, including some celebrities have a way to enjoy their pregnancy.

Here’s bebeapa unique way, as reported by the Daily Mail:

bump Painting

Want your belly painted? Bump painting could be an option. There are many popular motif painted on the mother’s abdomen like a flower, an animal, an animal or a baby’s feet. Singer Mariah Carey who is currently expecting her first child, including those that did bump painting. Mariah belly painted pictures of butterflies.

The process of painting is also quite convenient for pregnant women. Mom can relax and relax, while the painter started menggoeskan brush on her stomach. Of course, the paint used contains no harmful chemicals.

Belly Cast

The second way is totally unique. Belly Cast made ​​by memplaster belly casts or to pregnant women. Prints stomach will be on display and is considered as a keepsake when the two entities. A number of celebrities are diving belly cast is among Emma Bunton and Myleene Angela Klass.

Belly Cast is usually performed at the age of seven or eight months pregnant. Some women choose to do this several times a belly cast to print their pregnancy progresses. Prints can also be decorated and painted again to make it look more beautiful.

Baby Head Sculptures

Have you or tangin baby foot prints baby? If so, now there is a more low overhead again. The face of the little one still in the womb can be molded into a sculpture. Helena Bonham Carter and Nick Faldo are some selebitri a unique way of diving while pregnant.

The process of baby head sculptures, first of all the pregnant women should do a 3D ultrasound. 3D sonogram photos were then printed. Author sculptures will then make your baby’s face from 3D images with digital technology.