HTC Android Smartphone Competition Heat

The growing and diverse variety of Android-based phones, making us, the consumers, are also increasingly difficult to make their choice. The developers seem to realize it. Finally, they decided to focus and concentrate to make a gadget that is different from the others.

Motorola had to make an Android smartphone that looks very stylish called Motorola Droid Razr. While the South Korean company, Samsung, make a phone with capabilities that match the shape and tablet PCs to produce Samsung Galaxy Note.

One of the most important parts of the smartphone and even often a major consideration for choosing Android phones, is the camera facility. Knowing this, one of the Chinese handset manufacturer has released its newest product that comes with a high quality camera to catch images, either photos or video. The new product named HTC One.

Announced on February 26, 2012 in Barcelona, ​​HTC said that it would issue three mobile variants One. First is the HTC One X which has a 4.7-inch wide screen and will be distributed by the company AT & T. The second variant will epithet HTC One S with touchscreen measuring 4.3 inches and will be launched to the market through the company’s T-Mobile. Lastly, the HTC One V which has a 3.7-inch screen. Continue reading “HTC Android Smartphone Competition Heat”

Shall Before Buying a New Smartphone?

Whether you are in need of a smartphone? Previously we have to thank the producers of smartphones continue to produce devices to the point that they forget your shopping time. Yes, they continued to produce the ‘new’ and ‘sophisticated’ but they do not produce when it’s time to replace and buy a new smartphone.

They keep throwing stuff into the market with little difference, a little change, a little deduction here and there so the price has also changed a little more. Pseudo-selling points. And they will smile if you are stuck in a trap. Hopefully by reading this article a few smartphones that are not feasible in the market can you miss when you want to buy a new one.

Data Storage

If you buy a smartphone, if one of your considerations is greater data? Looks like it to be something wrong. This assumption is provided by the manufacturer.

When activity is high with the need to download an email attachment, or photos. Even some of the important data to be presented or corrected then you should forget the role of the smartphone. Within a short period of storage space on your smartphone drained away.

Megapixel Myth
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Rugby Smart, Smartphone Military

Samsung ready to present the latest smartphone devices. This time, the South Korean company is still entrusted by the Android operating system. Smartphone named Samsung Rugby Smart.

Unlike its predecessor smartphone Samsung Rugby SGH – A837, Rugby series this time has brought many changes. Smartphones are specially designed for outdoor activities is in compliance with the standards of military grade MIL-STD-810F.

Revolution in terms of appearance or the specifications of the previous open opportunities that this smartphone can compete in the global market. In terms of appearance, military standard that has been pinned on these devices becomes a value to prospective consumers.

Samsung Rugby Smart is resistant to water, dust and shock. This capability can reduce anxiety when users get the event they do not want. And of course their smartphone security.

Smartphone that has a sturdy design uses material from a mixture of rubber and plastic that support the display body. The screen has been fitted with a layer of Gorilla Glass display. Samsung Rugby includes a device comfortable enough to fit into a pocket. The size is 122.4 x 65.9 x 12.2 mm and weight of 119 grams.
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Motorola Razr, The Sexy New Year Gifts

Motorola Razr comes with a slim design. Pretty thin for a smartphone that has a size of width 130.7 x 68.9 x 7.1 mm. The design is thin, wide and stylish curves, combined with aluminum accent firmly, not an exaggeration to call it a smartphone with a sexy look.

As is typical Android smartphone, the Razr comes with a touch screen hyper-vibrant 4.3-inch Super AMOLED Advanced, which reflects the design of class in its class. Part of the screen covered with Corning Gorilla Glass as well as scratch-resistant, and splash-guard coating so that the phone remains secure even if exposed to water.

Not only there protection presented by Motorola through the use of Kevlar fiber material used in bulletproof vests, making it the Droid Razr as a powerful work of art.

Not just good design, the Motorola Razr also presents the latest technology. Although released to the market are still using Android 2.3.5 Gingerbread OS, but Android smartphone has been able to adopt the latest platform of Google Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich.

According to Senior Regional Sales Director for Motorola Mobility South Asia, Robert van Tilburg, after the operating system Android Ice Cream Sandwich was officially released, mobile users can upgrade their phone software to a higher version. Continue reading “Motorola Razr, The Sexy New Year Gifts”