Food ‘Dangerous’ For 20 Types of Diseases

To survive, humans need food and drink. But those two things can be the enemy if a person has the disease. Avoid foods that  is the best way to do sufferers of various diseases, as quoted from detikhealth.

Stay away from foods that are preventive measures that the illness does not recur frequently can interfere with daily activities.

Here are the types of diseases and prohibition, as summarized from eHow, BBC News, and healthandage.

1. Heart
Avoid fatty foods, such as meat, offal, coconut oils and foods that contain a lot of salt.

2. Hepatitis A
Avoid fruits and raw vegetables, especially those that can not be peeled. Avoid raw shellfish, oysters, scallops, mayonnaise, cheese, cream, yogurt and avoid eating fish from waters potentially contaminated. Continue reading “Food ‘Dangerous’ For 20 Types of Diseases”

Importance of Body Fluids and Tips inadequate

One is the role of body fluid regulate body temperature as well as transportation to circulate oxygen and nutrients throughout the body. If the body is dehydrated or dehydrated, it could result in inhibition of all the working organs in the human body.

Fluids of the human body consists of water and ions, so that the loss of body fluids, not just water loss but also ions. Ion has an important role in preventing fatigue in the muscles. One cause of muscle fatigue is the inhibition of glycolysis or the breakdown of glycogen into energy.

Lactic acid should be used as a backup power, but due to lack of body fluids, the change process becomes disturbed. So the limp body symptoms and fatigue.

So, what should be done to maintain adequate body fluids? In the event the winner announcement Ionopolis in Grand Indonesia, Jakarta, recently, Pocari Sweat drinks brand share tips for body fluids is maintained. Continue reading “Importance of Body Fluids and Tips inadequate”

IMO G68, Mobile Games Similar to PSP

Features of mobile entertainment in fact never died. Intend to repeat the success of his debut IMO and IMO W8800 P800 is the concept of mobile gaming, IMO launched the G68 IMO. PSP-style design, plus Analog TV as an alternative entertainment.

As mobile gaming in general, the G68 is equipped with the NES (Nintendo Entertainment System) games, and designed like a joystick as well as its predecessor, IMO IMO W8800 and P800. Overview When you see the body, soon to be reminded of the concept design Nokia N-Gage who has pinned the access key PlayStation games like stick.

Forms a rounded adopted the concept design of the Nokia N-Gage. IMO G68 does not include a conventional alphanumeric keypad. Instead, IMO buried resistive touch screen measuring 2.4 inches includes a virtual keyboard on the inside.

Additional buttons provided them call (SIM 1 and SIM 2), End call, Softkey and the shortcut key game features. IMO G68 has a dimension of oval shaped with black bandage and blue make it look good wrapped in plastic materials and artistic design make this phone comfortable in the hand game.

Mstar 8532 platform, homescreen is not much different from other local mobile phones. There is a network indicator, battery, date and time. A variety of wallpaper can be personalized on the setting display.
Continue reading “IMO G68, Mobile Games Similar to PSP”