Why People Think Triathlons Are A Good Idea

How To Be A Triathlete An endurance sports, triathlon, that competes in three different events of swimming, cycling and running is gaining popularity and attracting many adherents. But before one can be called a triathlete, whether a beginner or an elite, he has to go through rigorous training appropriate to his own physical condition. Physical conditioning is an important factor to be a triathlete. For beginners it is recommended to start in competition called sprint triathlon event. The distance covered under this beginner event is shorter compared to Olympic or standard international triathlon events. Generally, sprint distance events covers 500 meters in swimming, 15 miles in cycling and 3 kilometers of running. Compare that to the international or Olympic standard of 1.5 kilometers of swimming, 40 kilometers of cycling and 10 kilometers of running. Like any sports, triathlon has its own sets of its unique rules and regulations. Most are designed to ensure safety of the triathlete. The equipments needed by a triathlete are the following: 1) For Swimming: a swimsuit or a trisuit, swimming goggles and a water resistant wristwatch; 2) For cycling: a road bike, safety helmet, race belt and water bottles; and 3) For Running: a pair of running shoes. Triathlon is an endurance sport. Its training programs are designed according to its intensity level depending on the physical conditioning of the athlete. So there are training programs for beginners, intermediate and for the ironmen, the elite of the sports. Triathlon training programs are designed to strengthen the whole body to prepare it for enduring long distances of racing, thus testing how the body can withstand the rigour of the competition. Learning the endurance threshold of any triathlete is important, from its beginning to how it should increase as the training progresses. With this training method, overexertion that may result to irreparable injuries can be avoided. Periods of rest are included in every training program to allow the muscle to rest and relax. Observing healthy eating habit is also strictly enforced while in training. Any processed food is avoided, because even if they are enriched with vitamins and minerals, they still lack the necessary nutrients only the natural food can give. Because of the different level of endurance a triathlete has to undergo, he could experience accidents and may be injured. Preparing for this kind of incident is advisable by learning not only prevention but also treatment of injuries. Finding a good coach and a training group you will be comfortable with is recommended if you are serious in taking up the sports.

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