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Choosing a Web Host If you are using the Internet you have probably seen some of the famous blogs there of different persons. These blogs revolve around different topics. There are some about travel. Other blogs are about advice on motherhood. Some are about the married life. Aside from personal blogs there has been a proliferation of online stores also on the Internet. Now if you need anything it is highly likely that you can just order it online. Maybe you are thinking of doing the same thing as these people have. It maybe possible that you want to have an online diary so you are thinking of putting up a blog. If not a blog, maybe the entrepreneurial bug hit you and you want to sell some products online. Whether a blog or an online store is what you want, one of the crucial things you need to decide on is your web hosting. A web host is the one that will allow the webpage you will build to be accessed by anyone around the world via Internet. There are two kinds of web hosting you can choose from -free web hosting or commercial web hosting.
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A free web host is one that doesn’t require you to pay for its service. Instead of the payment, they post advertisement banners on your website. That is how they earn from web hosting. Maybe you are thinking that since it’s free then this must be the best choice for you. But before you choose this you have to think of something first. What do you envision for your website for the long term? If you plan to monetize your website in the near future and expand it, a free web host is not the good choice. A free web host is free because it does not have all the features of an excellent web host. But if it is clear to you that you plan to keep your website small then this is for you.
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If you have a grand vision for your website, then pick a commercial web host. But how you pick from the many web host available? Find out if they will be the ones to carry out domain check of your website name. Inquire about the bandwidth and size that their service offer. If they offer limited bandwidth then you may only be allowed a certain number of visitors per day for your website. Check out other features like autoresponder and email. A great web host gives you the opportunity to have an email containing your domain name. Another good thing to check is technical support. Do they offer 24/7 technical support? You need this so that you will have peace of mind if every anything happens to your website. Finally, read up on reviews about the commercial web host you are considering. Keep in mind that in choosing a good web host, it must be clear to you first what you want your website to be in the long term.