Why Do Baby Solid Foods Too Early given?

WHO recommends that babies be breastfed exclusively until six months of age. But not a few women who feel the need to give the baby food even though he was not yet six months. What are the risks if the babies were given solid foods too early?

Reported by iVillage, according to a study published Pediatrics, infants who consume formula and solid foods are introduced before the age of four months, will be more at risk of overweight at age three years. While breastfed infants up to six months is not too risky obesity.

“Our study is in line with guidance from the American Academy of Pediatrics (Pediatric Organizations in the United States), that wait up to four months or longer to introduce solid foods to reduce the risk of obesity,” said researcher Dr. Susanna Y. Huh, a pediatrician at Children’s Hospital Boston.

In conducting the study, Susanna and his team examined 847 children and mothers. Women were examined in the study were recorded from them yet spawned and continue to follow developments at least three years.

The research note, 67 percent of respondents children get milk from their mothers and 32 percent of formula-fed. When the children were at the age of three, 9 percent of them are obese.

Infants fed formula and introduced solids before four months, 6.3 times the risk of obesity at age three years. While the children were breastfed, the risk was not found.

“In children who received breast milk, while the introduction of solid foods did not seem to be a problem,” said deputy researcher Sheryl L. Rifas-Shiman, researchers from Harvard Medical School.

Huh added, is not known for certain why solid foods before the age of four months to be very influential in the formula-fed infants. Huh theory, mothers who breastfeed their babies are more familiar and know when their child hunger and satiety. While mothers who give their babies formula milk might not understand it.

“This study became the emphasis that breast milk is the best and most appropriate way to be healthy children. In the case of solid foods, it is wise to wait until six months,” said Dr. Routham Rao of Pittsburgh Children’s Hospital, commented on the research Huh.

Rao’s just to give a little extra to parents that their children stay healthy and have a healthy weight. According to him, children who were given solid foods too early can be more at risk of developing obesity if parents have an unhealthy lifestyle.

“Maybe they allow their children to eat fast food,” he said.

Rao advised the parents to introduce their children to the vegetables before the sweet foods. According to him again, do not give children foods high in sugar and fat.