When Little Taught Start Toilet Training?

Toilet training is so popular term to train the child to the bathroom. When should the exercise was started?

For children and parents, toilet or potty training is one of the important stages. Since infants are accustomed to pee (urinate) or large (BAB) will, now they have to learn to do it in the bathroom.

Some children expressed a desire to learn bowel and bladder in the bathroom at the age of two years. There are also children who do not want to do it even though they were 2.5 years of age or older.

Reported by the Mayo Clinic, no need to start a rush to do toilet training. If children are taught from an early age, it is likely that the stages will be completed much longer.

How do parents know if a child is ready for toilet training or not? Try to answer the following questions:

1. Does the child look look to go to the toilet?
2. It can children follow simple commands?
3. It can children ask questions lighter?
4. Is the child may not wet for two hours or longer?
5. Whether the child is able to tell you through words, expressions or gestures as he wants the bowel and bladder?
6. Does the child feel uncomfortable if they are wet diapers?
7. Can the child opened his pants and pulled himself?

If Question in the most the answer is yes, your child may be ready for toilet training. But if the answer is mostly no, you have to wait a minute. Especially if the child turns out also to face major changes in her life, like having a sister. Children who resist toilet training now, could be willing to do it next month.