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Four Important Considerations Prior To A Photo Booth Booking For Your Wedding Having photo booths in these times can be a very entertaining aspect of any event such as birthday parties, reunions and of course, for wedding events. But since it is not all too common for people to rent photo booths, many are actually asking for any logical step that they may take to start getting the booths. You may initially ask for the kind of camera that can be used for the photo booth setup. What is the reason for this? There are some photo booths that use a web cam type of camera for the pictures but these are low resolution producing kinds that can often lead to blurry shots although they are cheaper for the photo booth operator. What you will need is to use a digital single-lens reflex camera for your photo booth because of the top grade photo quality that it produces which are so good that even the professional photographers are also using it. Next, you will have to determine the kind of picture printing machine that will be used on the photo booth. Perhaps the worst thing that you can do is to prepare your photo booth with a regular printing device which is normally not suited for photo printing, however, there are photo printers that can produce decent photos using the regular printer’s ink cartridge. The downside to this is that the resulting photos will not be as good as the professional photo printers since the paper used is printer paper which is conveniently available in the leading stores for office items. You will need to get a company which is using the sub dye printer technology and it is important to note that these are expensive types which may reach up to a thousand dollars alone but with the ribbon kind of ink cartridge on these, you are assured that the cost is worth it as the results are photo store quality.
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Does the setup have any charges on you? Even though it might seem pretty unbelievable, there is actually a specific charge for the photo booth setup for a few of the companies. If there is a need for you to have the booth rental company to setup their equipments several hours before the start of the main event, it is important to ask them their down time rate, which is typically the time they stay there while the booth is still not up and running.
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What are the special bonus features that you can avail if you pay for a package deal? Do not forget to ask the photo booth rental company about the contents of each of their offered package deals. Finally, if the date of the event does not fall at the end of the week, try to inquire for any possible bonus features such as discount on your payment as well as the amount for your deposit.