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The Significant Increase Of Tourism In Dubai In general, Dubai has been one very famous place for many people to visit. In the recent times, Dubai has become a great tourist destination, especially in seeing modern form of architecture, relaxing on the beach, making purchases, going on shorter vacations, walking in the desert and more. Dubai has around one point five million residents living. There is an extreme difference in the ratio between women and men: the number of women living in the city reaches to around five hundred thousand while the men reaches to one million in number. It is actually because of the huge number of foreign individuals coming to the country. Most of these men are coming from various countries that are involved in the industry for construction. You will find out that this city is located near a stream of salty water running in a diagonal formation in the city. In general, Dubai is extended to around more than four thousand square kilometers.
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This city’s economy was mainly based exclusively on profit obtained from oil. Nonetheless, for the reason that depending on oil earnings is not that great, the city of Dubai took another path. Different modern buildings and skyscrapers have significant roles played when it comes to this city’s economy. In addition that, trading is also very important in its economy and has a significant role played in financial services. Dubai tourism had also boomed significantly: during the year two thousand, there are around three million tourists that have visited the country and by the year two thousand and ten, there were ten million tourists expected.
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You can find excellent network bus in this city. You can find a network of night buses present in the city of Dubai: there are buses circulating every thirty minutes in between main stops around the city. A metro line can also be found. As two thousand and ten will come to a close, this will be operating on the second underground, then third and fourth underground line. Tourists may choose to walk the area so as to see a remarkable view of the city. Road extension made are not advancing in such a rate that it is the same with the growth in traffic even though the city of Dubai has made investments on large amounts for highway construction. Many individuals are suggested not to leave their car rentals during rush hours especially that the city of Dubai’s traffic is considered paralyzed. You can find different places around the city which necessitates toll payment. This will occur automatically. Payments for the toll will be charged when you will be returning your car rental. Found around four kilometers from the city of center is Dubai’s international airport. When you will be renting a car, this can reach the international airport in no time.