What Has Changed Recently With Products?

Pharmaceutical Solutions to Aging Recently a new term was coined called cosmeceutical. The term is a combination of pharmaceutical and cosmetic and the term is a marriage of both worlds which means that for the first time in history it is possible to combat aging while improving the overall health of bodies. Thanks to the combination of these two seemly different worlds we have created ripples in the world of beauty. Cosmeceuticals have run into some speed bumps because of regulations from the government. This is because pharmaceuticals are regulated heavily by a big government organizations while on the other hand cosmetics are typically not regulated.
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Why is done that way? Because cosmetics do not tamper with anything in our bodies, the government does not see a reason why it should be regulated.
The Art of Mastering Products
Companies do not want their new cosmeceutical products being regulated by the government because this will cost them allot of money down the road, so they are trying to tread carefully so that these new products can keep their distinction. Companies have to use a bit of trickery and some clever loopholes to avoid government regulation such as the wordings when they market products such as wrinkle cream, because they can’t say that it can get rid of wrinkles even though it supposedly can because that would invoke regulation from the government so they have to say it can remove the appearance of wrinkles instead. The thing is, these products can actually get rid of the wrinkles because they are packed with quality vitamins and proteins but companies can’t advertise this if they don’t want to be regulated. What is the best product that you can buy that is a cosmeceutical? It would be hard to see which is the best simply because they are all good and they all do different things through different kinds of ingredients. If you want a brighter and younger look then you may want a product that has an acid called alpha hydroxy. If you are trying to get tighter skin then you will need to search for a product that has either copper, hyaluronic acid, or an ingredient called DMAE which is found on the skin of fish. Women have never had this much options when it came down to combating the forces of aging and the best part is, these methods have never been this healthy and there are more and more coming out each and every single day!