Tricks Make Office Atmosphere More Fun

Pressure of work, attitude too professional and uphold norms of decency, sometimes giving saturation in the workplace. A dull office environment needs to be modified to work more energized.

Make more pleasant office atmosphere will improve morale and develop a positive culture in the office. There is a way to break the tension in the office, without leaving professionalism. Here are tips from eHow.

Encouraging a Sense of Humor
Many offices are too quiet and lonely. Encourage other colleagues to laugh and build a sense of humor, can avoid a work environment that is too serious. A sense of humor can lead to fresh ideas for the company. When a break you can watch videos on the computer humor with humor or tell another colleague. Pleasant atmosphere will avoid stress and colleagues can bring a team.

making race
You can create a ‘race-based’ project. If you work in a marketing firm, can make the race fastest completion of the project or the highest sales results. Give prizes and awards for his wins by way of buy him lunch. Surely this can encourage and make employees more motivated.

Using the same fashion
Another fun way is make a pact to wear clothing of the same color with the other colleagues. Of course, using the same fashion one can add to the cohesiveness of the team. Not to mention the photos there is a session that solves a tense atmosphere in the office. This way you do not have to do every day, but occasionally enough to provide an atmosphere more ‘fun’ in the office.

Holding Events in the Foreign Office
Once a month to do activities together with other colleagues. For example berkaroke or dinner in a restaurant or cafe. Activities outside the office will have an impact well into the office because it brings a positive aura.