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Kitchen Knives: Buying the Best Ones It does not matter if you need a good knife for every day cooking or for that special meal, having a great knife by your side is vital. So what separates a good knife from the rest and why is it important to have a good knife with you when you are cooking. When looking for a good knife the two things that you should look for is the weight of the knife and the balance because these two things can separate a normal knife from a good knife. When you are looking for a kitchen knife then you will also need to take these factors into account. Look into the Tang The tang of the knife whether it is full or it is partial actually does not determine if the knife is any good. Even though, a partial tang knife can be an excellent knife the best knives tend to be of the full tang nature because they are stronger, more comfortable, and have better balance..A knife that is full tang is where the metal of the blade goes into the handle and it takes the same shape of the handle for added strength and comfort.
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A good knife should be able to resist rust or even corrosion and so the best knives that you can get are typically made from forged high-carbon stainless steel. Using drop forge machines, these forged knives are made simply be getting super heated so they are red hot and then being pounded into the desired shape. A forged knives have many benefits such as the fact that they stay sharp far longer than a knife that was not forged and they also have improved durability, weight, and balance. One of the biggest factors of the knife’s weight is the blade. Forged knives are also very easy to clean and to sharpen, which will only make your life in the kitchen that much easier and stress free. The Knife’s Edge The edge is a vital part of a knife. There are two kinds of edges for knives, concave and convex and the convex is usually better and more useful. The convex blade is called a flat ground blade and they are stronger but heavier than their concave cousins which are called the hollow ground blade. If you want to cut into a giant piece of roast then you will need a knife that is eight inches.