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Concrete Countertops: A Quick Guide The great advantage that you can enjoy with concrete counters is their functionality. A natural stone countertops may leave you with blemishes and scratches that is hard to erase but with concrete, you can customized the counter fully. You can now enjoy a more beautiful home look when you choose the counter that fits exactly your taste. You can choose the color, the size, the shape, the style, or the texture making it more like you. This is a good way of ensuring the quality of service as well as the satisfaction of the clients. It is also possible to decorate concrete counters with glass, stone, wood, metal, and other elements that will enhance the beauty of the counter. You can also include customized drain boards, cutting boards that are removable, integral sinks and some other features are also a great idea. It is also good to have impressions like decorating it with leaves, wood, and shells, just make sure to do it while the concrete is hardening. You can choose any color that you would like to have. With the modern technology, concrete has been incredibly strong, stain-resistant, and durable. That should also be partnered with your love and care for your item. In order to maintain the good look, make sure that you are taking good care of it such as not using harsh materials while cleaning it from time to time and don’t put hot pots on the counter surface. Unlike the granite that easily cracks and irreparable, concrete is the opposite of it. The different mixes and the process for the designs made it decrease the risk of having cracks on your concrete counters.
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If you are afraid of the thought that problems may arise in your concrete counters, then you don’t have to worry because it can be repaired. Once the repair is finish, you can still enjoy the same appearance of your concrete counter. You can still place the damaged part and place it back as if nothing has been repaired.
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There are various techniques that are available these days. The decorative reinforced fiber is the common technique. This is a kind of special mix wherein thinner counters are produced giving a light weight than the traditional type. If you would like to have a thicker look of your concrete, then you can just add the drop-down edge and achieve it. You don’t have to add the weight just to achieve it. There are a lot of people who are already using concrete counters. This can perfectly fit counters in the restaurants, bars, kitchen, bathroom, and other in-home and commercial applications. You will surely be stunned with how durable and beautiful a concrete counter can look. The other benefits that concrete counters can offer you can be experienced when you start using it.