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Automobile Transport Services: A Quick Guide An automobile transport service is a company that helps people who need to transfer their vehicles from this place to another location. Usually, the move of cars is between one city to the next adjacent city. But in some instances, a transport company can cater to clients who want a country to country transportation. In an instant like this, transport companies would be making use of ships or airplanes as the main transportation mode. But in this article, you will be learning about the possible options for clients who have a need to transport vehicles from city to city. Open Carrier Transport This is the simplest form of automobile transport service that can be offered by any service provider out there. And because it is also the most cost effective of all, it has become very popular. Even better, this type of transportation option seems to be suitable to different shipping needs. But just like any other option, there is also an disadvantage to this. There is a great chance for your car to be extremely exposed to the elements when you choose this option.
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Enclosed Carrier Vehicle Transport
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Enclosed carrier transport is another very popular pick among clients. As what the name implies, the transport service company makes use of a container, which is most of the times a cargo van, in order to station and protect the customer’s vehicle while it is being transported to a new location. Expensive cars like vintage vehicles and sports cars are usually transported to another location with the use of this vehicle transport service. The reason is basically the fact that their vehicles are better protected from the harmful elements during the duration of the travel. As a result, an enclosed carrier vehicle transport is more expensive than the basic automobile transport services. Terminal-To-Terminal Transport In this type of automobile transport service, the owner of the car needs to drive down the vehicle to the terminal nearest to the service provider hired.In this kind of automobile transport service, there is a necessity on the part of the car owner to deliver his car to the service provider’s nearest terminal. After this, the service provider will then transport the vehicle to the terminal that is nearest to the new location of the owner. So as you can see, the transport process is between two terminals. There is a need for the owner of the car to pick up his own car the moment it is delivered to the destination terminal. Door to Door Vehicle Transport The last option available for car owners is the so-called door to door service. This is actually the opposite side of the terminal to terminal transport. As the name implies, the car of the customer can actually be delivered to the house or building. The client then will not be having a need to pick the car in some terminal whatsoever.