Shall Before Buying a New Smartphone?

Whether you are in need of a smartphone? Previously we have to thank the producers of smartphones continue to produce devices to the point that they forget your shopping time. Yes, they continued to produce the ‘new’ and ‘sophisticated’ but they do not produce when it’s time to replace and buy a new smartphone.

They keep throwing stuff into the market with little difference, a little change, a little deduction here and there so the price has also changed a little more. Pseudo-selling points. And they will smile if you are stuck in a trap. Hopefully by reading this article a few smartphones that are not feasible in the market can you miss when you want to buy a new one.

Data Storage

If you buy a smartphone, if one of your considerations is greater data? Looks like it to be something wrong. This assumption is provided by the manufacturer.

When activity is high with the need to download an email attachment, or photos. Even some of the important data to be presented or corrected then you should forget the role of the smartphone. Within a short period of storage space on your smartphone drained away.

Megapixel Myth

Megapixel myth is one of the most widespread misconceptions in the world of digital photography, and now the smartphone is infected with the fever megapixels. Manufacturers install high resolution (8MP) cameras on their devices, but the results are far from resolution offered.

The 5MP camera on the iPhone 4 produces crystal-clear images with incredible detail. If you compare it with photos of the Galaxy Nexus with the same size (5MP) indicates that not all smartphone camera has the same resolution even with the same size.

iPhone 4 can produce images as bright and clear as it is because it has a larger capture light or using a diaphragm opening of f/2.4. It has not been done by other manufacturers.

Surprisingly, smartphones are still vying with issuing large resolution camera. Like the HTC Titan II with 16MP, then Nokia Lumia production camera with Carl Zeiss. And all of it was just used as a focal point with bold print on the packaging.

Siri on iPhone

By simply adding a virtual guide, whether it is feasible to replace your old smartphone to smartphone latest series? Is Apple’s voice assistant is really smart and makes you uncomfortable activity? If so then you deserve it. Unfortunately, according to Taylor Hatmaker from Yahoo Tech, no! Because Siri is not that smart yet to your days.You are yourself, record and organize.

1080p video

Not much different from the megapixel myth. Manufacturers want to lure you in with promises of amazing Video feature his smartphone. In this era was to record themselves using their own phone and then upload it to the virtual world. With demand like that if you need a video recorder with HD resolution?

More than that record HD quality video will make your storage space quickly dry. Unless you want to attend a film festival, you can record HD quality. But within a month how many times you make a film festival or participate? Would you buy a smartphone for the need to make a movie? If not forget it the ability to record video.

So does it still need to buy a new smartphone? If for fashion needs, you should immediately buy the latest and most expensive.