Samsung GALAXY S III Finally Officially Released

After rumors of release repeatedly reported, Samsung finally officially announced the presence of Samsung GALAXY S III Samsung unpacked event in 2012 in London. Samsung Galaxy S III is following HTC One X which also carries quad-core processors.

From the specification, upscale Android smartphone Samsung’s work armed Android 4.0 or Ice Cream Sandwich and a quad-core 1.4 GHz Cortex A9 Exynos 4212 chipset with Quad. For the screen, the Samsung Galaxy S III to use Super AMOLED HD screen (1280 × 720 pixels) 4.8-inch size. This is the largest screen size Samsung ranks No. 2 in the Galaxy (after the Galaxy Note).

The camera performance is also given special attention. For the rear camera, S III presents 8 MP camera with features HDR, flash and fast performance with no lag. While the front camera has 1.9 megapixel resolution support is capable of recording HD video. Given also improved battery capacity, which reached 2100mAh.

Kristian Tjahjono of mention that the Galaxy S III has one feature that lies in the approach to design and design a more user-oriented. Galaxy S III to recognize faces, movements and voice users.

Through the “Stay Smart”, the camera S III will detect your eyes and adjust the display settings appropriate activities underway. Also there is the “S Voice” to hear and capture your greeting. With “S Voice”, you can play songs, adjust the volume, send SMS and email, to schedule or start the camera, just by the sound. Overview of existing similar feature Siri iPhone 4S.

Galaxy S III will be completed by the “Smart Alert” will translate your movements. Suppose you’re typing an SMS but decide you want to call that person, simply hold S III to ear and the phone will automatically call the person. When you pick up the phone from the table (after leaving it some time), the Galaxy S III will vibrate and display a list of missed calls (if any) and other notifications.

Rows Galaxy S III features continues. You will find NFC, AllShare Cast (S III connects to your TV without the cable), AllShare Play (sharing files between your smartphone, tablet, PC and TV), Group Cast (shared information on the screen to the other devices via Wi-Fi ).

In addition, several other features of the complement S III, such as the S Beam (share files simply by touching S III to mobile S III for that matter), Wi-Fi Channel Bonding (doubling bandwidth Wi-Fi networks), Pop Up Play (play video on the screen while running other applications such as email or the web simultaneously).

Samsung Galaxy S III will be available in two versions: a version of LTE (specifically the U.S.) and a version of HSPA + (international) and was released in European countries first.