Old phones, new functions

How quickly products – products appear in the smartphone market. The sooner your old smartphone usage excluded. The ability of smart phones continues – constantly increasing often allow users tempted to keep abreast of developments.

So what happened to your old smartphone? In addition to sale, typically the device – long the device was just left alone because it was lying unused. And actually use the old smartphone can still be maximized again, although not as new as the first time it is used.

Here are some options that can be done on your old smartphone unused maximum.

Remote Control
It turns a smartphone can be used as a remote control. You can use it to instruct a computer or other device to play video or music. Some applications that you can download even allows you to control your TV or home theater directly to your smartphone via an infrared signal.

Ability universal use this old smartphone can do without having to spend much money. Here are a few remote control application which you can use for Android devices.

PhoneMyPc for android
Remote on the iPhone
Music player
The ability of smart phones to play music is widely used by users. Likewise for old smartphone, you can use a special play in the car or when driving alone. Using old smartphone as a music player you can use as a substitute for dedicated music player device.

To be played in the car, you can connect via USB. Also, for those of you who have a hobby of cooking, old smartphone can be used as an assistant in the kitchen. A variety of cooking applications that can be accessed through a smartphone makes it easy information accurately and quickly.

You can download this application for both Android device or iPhone.

Epicurious for iPhone
What Cook on Android
Portable Gaming Devices
The use of smartphones as the devices gaming console is in a high level of popularity in recent years. If this is your old smart phone device is not used for many activities, you can use it to play games.

For example, for the iPhone, you can use the application to get the iControlPad gaming experience more exciting than ever. If you do not qualify as a gamer, you can still use the application to be used by your child are still small.

Immediately use your old smart phone back!