Importance of Body Fluids and Tips inadequate

One is the role of body fluid regulate body temperature as well as transportation to circulate oxygen and nutrients throughout the body. If the body is dehydrated or dehydrated, it could result in inhibition of all the working organs in the human body.

Fluids of the human body consists of water and ions, so that the loss of body fluids, not just water loss but also ions. Ion has an important role in preventing fatigue in the muscles. One cause of muscle fatigue is the inhibition of glycolysis or the breakdown of glycogen into energy.

Lactic acid should be used as a backup power, but due to lack of body fluids, the change process becomes disturbed. So the limp body symptoms and fatigue.

So, what should be done to maintain adequate body fluids? In the event the winner announcement Ionopolis in Grand Indonesia, Jakarta, recently, Pocari Sweat drinks brand share tips for body fluids is maintained.

1. Run healthy lifestyle. Could do with maintaining a balance between eating, drinking, resting, exercise and work. Each must be balanced, not less or excessive.

2. Apply the method of exercises Frequency Intensity Time Type (Fitt). Fitt is a combination of the frequency, intensity, time and type of exercise. Frequency relates to determining how often you exercise each week. Leave at the break after the exercise so that the body is not ‘over-exercised’. For example, give your body a chance to rest one or two days a week and do not work too hard.

Intensity is how hard your body move during exercise. Adjust with body condition, if the exercise is too hard, it can cause injury or muscle strain.

Time how do we determine how much time is spent each sports session, also must be adjusted according to the body’s ability. The timing can vary, based on the intensity and type of exercise.

Type, is the type of exercise you choose. The type of exercise you choose should suit your needs, health condition and needs of the body.

3. Inadequate fluid intake. You can provide them with drinking eight glasses of water a day, eating vegetables and fruits are high in water and fiber (fiber liquid binding functioning) or isotonic drink fluids when needed.