Hand Phone Also Needed Children

Mobile in the hand can be useful for communication. On the contrary, it can also backfire deviant behavior. How should?

The biggest innovation in the history of mankind that this one is very interesting. Young and old, urban and rural, the majority are familiar with the cordless phone.

Although initially Handphone (HP) is a tool for communication, its development is no longer the case. HP is a multimedia device with a variety of interesting features such as games, radio, camera, video, and internet. Even the minimalist HP-featured games are usually equipped facilities.

In addition to the unique voice ringtone and casing are funny, this is the most diverse games attract children. Child psychologist from the University of Indonesia Dra Mayke S Tedjasaputra Msi argued, giving HP the child must see destinations and interests. That is, the child is given HP for what? It is not justified to buy HP if you just went along with the trend.

“But if it’s important and there is a certain urgency, parents can just HP, but also let me know their limits,” said psychologist who also play this therapist. To avoid their rival show or event among friends, the child should buy HP with its corresponding functions and needs. This goes back to the essence or main purpose the provision of HP in children, which for the purposes of communication with parents.

Suppose facilitate communication when picking up a child at school. Especially now in urban children often follow a lot of tutoring. “If only limited importance of communication, do not need a very powerful word of Clinical child psychologist son, Ike R Sugianto Psi.

Another negative impact, the HP featured advanced features allow kids tempted internet access indecent images, nor do the “naughtiness” that is difficult to control, such as using a camera phone to take pictures of people in the toilet. Even worse, passing it around to friends.

However, if a parent finds when SMS or pornographic images on his HP, do not jump to scold, because the child will give up and do not want to talk anymore. “Tell me carefully that it is a taboo and is not justified,” said Ike.
The question, as parents whether children really need or do not need to use mobile phones? This question may be returned to their parents, most parents who know what is good for their children and which are not.

There are a few guidelines to consider before giving children the freedom to wear HP, here are tips:

1. Note Features HP
Ideally, an HP for children only used to communicate both the phone and sms. For it is better for older HP HP is not too hightech like completeness internet access, camera, mp3 or other interesting features. It is also to prevent children accessing adult sites from HP or prevent children to do that is not desirable.

2. Limit Toll
Communication needs of children may not be too much when compared with adults, so the pulses required is also less. As a parent it would be wise to limit the pulse of the month.

3. Routinely check
When children sleep, better check his HP is, whether inbox sms or call list. Maybe here can be found the things that you do not know.

Technology is not the enemy, Parents and children must be taken to live with technology that never sleep. No way parents membrabgus curiosity Kids and simply remove them in the world of digital communications that is free.