Fun Activities Kids Together At Power Off

Energy saving program ‘Earth Hour’, initiated the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) held back. Starting tonight (26/03/2011) at 20:30 to 21:30 local time, houses and offices are encouraged to put out electricity simultaneously for 60 minutes.

The program is expected to be conducted simultaneously in 128 Countries, is an effort to raise awareness of the problem of climate change. It also acts as a form of expression that everyone in a large scale can help change our planet for the better. This action is not only the lights, but also unplug electrical switch of the computer, television, radio, or other electronic devices.

‘Earth Hour’ you can also use as a means of educating the children, to teach the importance of saving energy for the survival of the earth and living things in the future. Therefore, you should participate in the movement of a power cut tonight.

No lights or television programs may make the child bored. Explaining at length about the benefits of this program will surely make your child getting bored. Why not do fun things during power outages?

Quoted from Helium, here are five fun things you can do with the children when the power goes out.

1. Play ‘Guess Objects’
Encourage your child to guess what objects would you designate with a flashlight. For example, ask what objects on the bookshelves? After the kids call answer, point a flashlight into the object to see if your child answers correctly or not. Rate or clap your hands if your child answers correctly. This activity is also well trained memory and sensitivity of children to objects.

2. Read the story
Each child read like a fairy tale. Get a storybook, and read using a flashlight as a means of illumination. Read the story with enthusiasm that children were listening spirit. Learn tips read stories here.

3. Sing
Small children usually love this activity. Encourage the child to sing cheerful songs, clapping. How this will turn them away from boredom and the fear of the dark atmosphere.

4. Main Puzzle
Playing puzzles can sharpen a child’s brain to think of a fun way. This activity will increase exciting because when the lights went out, so it’s hard to find pieces of the picture.

5. Playing Outside
Encourage your child to leave the house to just enjoy the fresh air, or watching celestial objects in the sky are beautiful berterbaran. You can also make a simple tent. Move the table to the home page and put a blanket over it to form like a tent. Sit down with your child under the desk, turn on the flashlight and let’s just like I was camping. Do not forget to put the baby blanket or jacket, as well as anti-mosquito lotion. For 60 minutes, you can play the style of an Indian tribe or read a story.